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From Yoga, Movement, Self-talk, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic wisdom, Meditation and all the tid bits between. This course will leave you feeling ready for your best decade yet.



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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Life Balance

with Bron Haines

Life is a delicate balance of all things. Bron will share an overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how these ancient teachings can positively impact our lives, bringing about balance and healing. If I have ever met someone who has impeccable balance in their life it is this woman. If you feel the scales are tipping towards overwhelm and stress or possibly a lack of passion and excitement, then this lesson will help you find that magical harmony between Yin and Yang.

Movement & How It Can Balance Us

with Meg Linton

Our bodies give us many clues of how we are functioning, imbalances in our lifestyle show up as imbalances on a physical plane too. And then of course there is our mind muscle connection, the power of mind over matter in healing injuries and pain.

Meg will teach you the power of the feet and how this support flows upstream into the rest of the body. Not only will you learn specific movements and patterns to improve your functionality, Meg will share with you how powerful it is to connect deeply to your physical body to get the most out of life.

What Movement Does for You

with Ash Cottrill

Understand the powerful impact exercise has on your energy levels, metabolic rate and overall wellness. Then get those same benefits with a quick daily routine with Ash. Ensure you have your sweatpants ready for this one as she takes you through an easy routine you can do at home daily. Ash will inspire you with her originality and joy for movement. In this lesson she will also explain simple tips in nutrition and the key to weight loss and getting those guns pumping.

Foundations of Health 

with Simone Hollier

A Naturopath is one of the best health practitioners to help you understand your body holistically with modern day science to back it up. Simone will share simple strategies that many of us overlook. Simone will help you feel empowered to take easy action towards caring for your body with nutrition, hydration and other easy to do strategies you can implement straight away. We sometimes get caught up in the complex when all we need to do is simplify.

The Reality of Language

With Meg Linton

The words we speak become the house we live in. Our thoughts and our language create our reality. In this lesson, Meg will share the three steps to slowly delete old patterns and habits so you can start living, not dreaming of the life you want to live. Meg will show you how the wiring of your brain is soft wiring and can be changed with conscious effort. A little tip, it all starts with kindness.

Breathing Techniques

with Holly Cootes

Did you know that oxygen is the most powerful anti-inflammatory we have on our planet? It is so simple yet we forget to breathe when stressed or breathe too rapidly when anxious… which are the times we need it most. It acts as a calmative to our nervous system and moderates our emotional responses.
In this lesson Holly will teach you how to tune into breath. Your powerhouse and life force energy.

Ayurevedic Healing

with Holly Cootes

As a society, we’re struggling with focus, creativity, anxiety, productivity and personal purpose. We’re over scheduled, overwhelmed, overfed and under slept. We are deprived in almost every way. And this is where Ayurvedic principals can really help us.
Ayurvedic medicine knew about our unique design a long time before science discovered various gene differentiations and the diversity of bacteria that thrives inside of our body.
In this lesson, Holly shows you how truly unique you are and how to optimise your health based on your personal needs.


for only $29

Do you feel like health is confusing and unattainable?

We hear you. One minute there is a documentary released telling us eating meat is the go and then it is followed by a well backed vegan film. Sugar is bad… isn’t it?? And fat is in now? Right..? But I shouldn’t eat animal fat? Ahhh.. confusion city

The truth behind the abundance of mixed science is the simple fact that we are all different. Vegan does work for many, but not all.

Some people can eat an abundance of fruit and be healthy whilst others will end up with bloating and fermentation.

The simple fact is, you need to know yourself first. Then all the complex advice out there will begin to make sense.

We will share with you over this 7 day event how to understand yourself better.

Then health will feel simple.

Why this program and not the gazillion others out there??

To be honest, you need to find the vibe that works for you. Maybe it is us and maybe it isn’t. But heck, it is free so you have nothing to lose.

We have a strong culture of;

“Humanising the Wellness Movement” and a “Balanced Approach”

If you want to eat wheatgrass for 10 days straight and spend all your time meditating and exercising then we are probably not for you.

We like to work in with your world, not flip it upside down. Health should be easy. It should fit into your schedule with conscious effort and consistency but not stress and overwhelm.

The coaches in each session are diverse in their approach, we encourage you to hone in on the teachers that float your boat and take in the bits that fit and brush off what doesn’t.

What is the catch, nothing is for free?? 

There truly is no catch, this is a free program with no strings attached. We are here to serve and give what we can to our greater community. At the end of the 7 day course we will make you an offer to work further with any team members you resonated with or to create a Personalised Health Plan and work with a few of us. We will gracefully make the offer, and then leave it with you. No pressure, we hope we help you in this free program or get to know you better through our services.. whatever you need right now is cool with us.

Learn In Your Own Space

With Our Wellness Experts

Our Team

Bron Haines

Bron is our Therapist Coordinator at the Sanctuary.
From Bron, "I love that I can truly care for people and empower them to connect to the deepest part of themselves to bring about healing and balance emotionally, physically and spiritually".

Holly Cootes

A beautiful, gentle soul, Holly’s love for true connection is inspirational. With extensive experience as a yoga instructor and a practicing reiki and ayurvedic coach, she is able to support others to find connection to themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Simone Hollier

Naturopath to Naturopaths. Simone’s knowledge of all things health and wellness are next to none. She has passion for her work and is inspired to help others feel the best they possibly can using the gifts that nature has given us to support healing and well-being.

Meg Linton

The movement guru. Meg’s extensive knowledge on the body and how it needs to move to flourish on all levels is extensive. Her fun energy and zest for life are infectious and her philosophies on living life beautifully and to its fullest are inspiring.

Ash Cottrill

Melinda Carbis-Reilly