Our Workshops

We host a range of holistic monthly workshops and immersions in our Grande Studio, from yoga and meditation, breathwork and ice bath immersions, sound healings and personal development. If you're wanting to host your own workshop or immersion with us, click here to find out more. 



The Perfection Pandemic

Addicted to the modified, filtered and edited version of yourself?


Don't feel enough in the skin you are in?


Face judgement and comparison daily on your socials and feel like you are always searching for more?


Body editing IS NOT okay! Subtle changes such as these are the ones that are harming us (and our teens) the most. 


Let's talk. An open, nurturing and real talk on how the overuse of filters, body editing and snapchat and selfie dysmorphia is killing our kids. Come back to who you are in this workshop with movement, breath, mindfulness practices, authenticity and play. 


Donations based workshop for teens and their parents. All proceeds towards The Please Stay Foundation. Helping teens move away from the brink by offering hope. 

WHEN: Saturday 10th December, 10.30am

DONATION: $19 to Please Stay Foundation


Qi Gong 

Qi (pronounced chee) is energy, Gong is movement (aka Taoist (or Daoist) Yoga). Qigong is an ancient healing practice that combines breathing,
gentle movement, and meditation to promote good mental, physical, and spiritual health.


By practicing Qigong, you are balancing the whole body, the gentle
movements allow the muscles to strengthen without putting stress on the body, the calm ebb and flow of the movements also help the mind to relax allowing an overall sense of wellbeing and when this happens then the whole body is relaxed and we are ready to heal, repair and reduce the risk of illness and disease, also allowing our immune system to strengthen.


Qigong is available for anyone, no prior knowledge is required,
easy to do and follow.


My classes include grounding, connecting in with self and nature,
gentle warmups, stretching of the joints and ligaments, a Qi practice,
breathwork and meditation. I like to work in connection with nature, the
seasons and with the 5 elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.


What to bring - yourself, wearing your yoga gear or loose
comfortable clothing to be able to move freely, water, a cushion for sitting
meditation at the end or you can sit in a chair if needed.

WHEN: Saturday 17th December 11am-12.15pm




The Reset

Take a deep dive into your nervous system function and how to support creating a flexible and responsive nervous system with one of our most powerful tools; The breath. Be guided through a gentle, opeyning movement practice before activating your full breathing mechanisms to move through a soothing, balancing breath practice that can support you in moving through life's everyday stressors.

WHEN: Saturday 14th January 3-5pm

TICKETS: $79 ($20 early bird discount for members before January 1st).