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Our Workshops

We host a range of holistic monthly workshops and immersions in our Grande Studio, from yoga and meditation, breathwork and ice bath immersions, sound healings and personal development. If you're wanting to host your own workshop or immersion with us, click here to find out more. 



Introduction to Yin + BE HERE Method

Designed for anyone (teens welcome too) who may struggle with stress, the monkey mind, poor sleep, irregular digestion, and tension.

Also great for anyone new to yoga and meditation.

This course will empower you with a greater sense of well-being, mobility and clarity as you learn about the powerful connection of the mind and body.

Six weeks to share the tools that enable us to find balance and calm in the chaos.

When we drop into the practice of Yin, our Nervous system returns to a state of regulation, from Fight/Flight to Ease. 

It is ONLY in this state when we can absorb and take in information, hence each week I will share the BE HERE method from my book, Watch YA Language over the six weeks.

Simply, The BE HERE Method is an easy-to-understand way to recognise how stress, anxiety, fear, doubt, judgement, worry, and overwhelm looks in our body, so that we can do something about it and choose again.

You will learn about how important our Nervous System is for digestion, how our thoughts and words affect the physical and mental body, the basics of the Triune brain, and how to be responsive, not reactive. 

All through a delicious Yin Yoga and meditation practice.

This method is my signature coaching program and such an added bonus to the practice of yin. Worth $1099 on its own, in this 6-week course, you are getting the coaching at a steal. 

Video content supplied each week on each step and access to a Private FB Group over the six weeks.

LIMITED NUMBERS. This course books out so get in quick to secure your spot. $49 off if you book before the 31st of December. 

Start time 7.30 pm for an hour.
Class will include a meditation at the end to help ease stress, anxiety and promote good sleep.

FULLY offered online and in person.
1 x YIN class each week
Weekly practice on each step of the BE HERE Method.
Worksheets to apply the practices
Online private group over the six weeks for discussion, movement practices, mediations and more. 

Two options
$249 for the six weeks OR
$269 including a copy of WYL Book.
No experience required. 


Qi Gong - (fortnightly drop in workshop)

Qi (pronounced chee) is energy, Gong is movement (aka Taoist (or Daoist) Yoga). Qigong is an ancient healing practice that combines breathing,
gentle movement, and meditation to promote good mental, physical, and spiritual health.


By practicing Qigong, you are balancing the whole body, the gentle
movements allow the muscles to strengthen without putting stress on the body, the calm ebb and flow of the movements also help the mind to relax allowing an overall sense of wellbeing and when this happens then the whole body is relaxed and we are ready to heal, repair and reduce the risk of illness and disease, also allowing our immune system to strengthen.


Qigong is available for anyone, no prior knowledge is required,
easy to do and follow.


My classes include grounding, connecting in with self and nature,
gentle warmups, stretching of the joints and ligaments, a Qi practice,
breathwork and meditation. I like to work in connection with nature, the
seasons and with the 5 elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.


What to bring - yourself, wearing your yoga gear or loose
comfortable clothing to be able to move freely, water, a cushion for sitting
meditation at the end or you can sit in a chair if needed.

WHEN: Saturday 17th December 11am-12.15pm




Myofascial Release

Get up close and personal with the body's energetic network of connective tissue (fascia) and learn self-care techniques to restore health and vitality. 

Fascia not only connects every part of our body but it is shaped in sync with our autonomic nervous system. During the stress response (fight/flight), the fascia becomes tense and frozen to enable us to survive. However, a lifetime of accumulated stress can result in body armour, limited range of movement, pain and fatigue. Unwinding fascia requires re-hydration of the tissue coupled with body awareness - wherever our attention goes, energy flows!

Through self-massage with balls/blocks/rollers, awareness techniques and long-held stretches we can remove obstacles in the fascia and experience increased mobility, smoother digestion, freedom from suppressed emotions, deeper sleep and uninhibited flow of life-force energy (prana).


$75 per session or  $199 for all 3 (save $26) Price includes a set of balls for home practice

Feb 25th - HIP, HIP, HOORAY: Release tension in the hips, glutes and hamstrings
Mar 11th - FLUID SPINE: Unravel the chest, diaphragm and vertebral column
Mar 25th - SHOULDER HEAVEN: Alleviate stress in the shoulders, neck and jaw



HEARTBEAT: A felt connection in breath, movement and sound


The intention of HeartBeat is to raise your feeling of aliveness through experiencing a felt connection to your own heartbeat through breath, movement and sound.

The truth is that we all deserve the juicy joy, peace and love in the world. We were born to delight in life. To move freely, listen to the sound of our own heartbeat, and breathe deeply and fully.

Join us for this uplifting workshop to celebrate being alive!

This is a cocreation between Jennylee Taylor from Breathe and Be You and Cass Campbell from Music for the Mind.   Cass and Jennylee allow you the space to weave the elements of breath, movement and sound into your own story of celebration of life.

Cass is a musician (BMus) and certified Drum Circle Facilitator. Cass holds a special interest in the many health benefits of music & sound

Jennylee is a Breathwork Trainer, Group Facilitator and Practitioner endorsed by the Australian Breathwork Association. Jennylee loves to support people to connect with their authentic self through the power of their own breath

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