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Our Workshops

We host a range of holistic monthly workshops and immersions in our Grande Studio, from yoga and meditation, breathwork and ice bath immersions, sound healings and personal development. If you're wanting to host your own workshop or immersion with us, click here to find out more. 


Qi Gong - (fortnightly drop in workshop)

Qi (pronounced chee) is energy, Gong is movement (aka Taoist (or Daoist) Yoga). Qigong is an ancient healing practice that combines breathing,
gentle movement, and meditation to promote good mental, physical, and spiritual health.


By practicing Qigong, you are balancing the whole body, the gentle
movements allow the muscles to strengthen without putting stress on the body, the calm ebb and flow of the movements also help the mind to relax allowing an overall sense of wellbeing and when this happens then the whole body is relaxed and we are ready to heal, repair and reduce the risk of illness and disease, also allowing our immune system to strengthen.


Qigong is available for anyone, no prior knowledge is required,
easy to do and follow.


My classes include grounding, connecting in with self and nature,
gentle warmups, stretching of the joints and ligaments, a Qi practice,
breathwork and meditation. I like to work in connection with nature, the
seasons and with the 5 elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire.


What to bring - yourself, wearing your yoga gear or loose
comfortable clothing to be able to move freely, water, a cushion for sitting
meditation at the end or you can sit in a chair if needed.

WHEN: Every fortnight




Rest & Restore

This one is for the mama's. For the givers, and the glue forever moving and shaking in their worlds on a daily basis, now is your time to give back to YOU. 


Sit in circle ⭕️  as we uncover your nervous system on a deeper level and unpack your own reactive patterns. Move through practical tools to support you in recalibrating your nervous system and dealing with life's stressors. Move into a deeply restorative yoga practice followed by a soothing, restful Breathwork practice. 


When: Saturday 3rd June 3-5.30pm

Tickets: $99



Gemini Dark Moon Circle

This will be a beautiful deep soak into self ~ The still point, where Luna has no illumination. She is resting in the darkness ~ The liminal space before awakening and we must rest with her. She will be residing in Gemini, that sign of duality, of air communication and the Mercury mind and so we find balance and create a more meditative mind with beautifully healing rituals, Kundalini meditations, Mantra, Aromatherapy, moon milk and deep relaxation while bathing in sound of symphonic Gong, bells and medicine drum. 

You will be nourished, nurtured and lovingly guided and held in a safe sacred space. 

When: Saturday 17th June 3-5.30pm

Tickets: $70



Pilates, Pleasure & Prosecco

Join us for a fun evening with your girlfriends connecting to your body, reclaiming your feminine empowerment and pleasure. 

Lauren, owner of Redhead Wellness, mama of 2 and birth mentor will share some of her expert knowledge around the pelvic floor and it’s function and physiology.


You'll warm up with a 45 minute pelvic floor focused Pilates class lead by Ash @groove.pilates .. Tune inward and soften, through breathwork and cued movement to prepare to build fire and strength. Feel empowered as you move your body fearlessly. 


Break for refreshments 🫧 enjoy some Prosecco (or mineral water) + light snacks while mingling with other amazing, curious and empowered women.


Lean into a beautiful conversation and presentation by Somatic Sexologist, Sexual Bodyworker & Counsellor Rebecca Levy @exploringwomenssexuality as she shares her knowledge and empowers women about their bodies and ways to experience and enjoy a natural, healthy an satisfying sex life free from shame, disconnection and pain.


Dive even deeper as Chloe Sheehan, Naturopath, health educator and self confessed hormone whisperer @hormonehealthstudio educates us on the magic of a woman’s body on a hormonal level. Learn how you can cultivate a state of balance and understanding of your body.. she may touch on menstruation as well as the role hormones play in our sexual health from puberty to peri-menopause.


The Reconnection

The Reconnection is our in person one day event, designed for men and women to heal, grow and reconnect to self. 

We do this through multiple modalities, such as cold immersions, deep guided visualisations, unconscious work and a potent breath journey to finish.

Run by our co-owner Jacob and his team at Polaris Coaching throughout the year, be sure to checkout the button link for the next upcoming dates. Men's and Women's events run on separate days. 

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