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Our Workshops

We host a range of holistic monthly workshops and immersions in our Grande Studio, from yoga and meditation, breathwork and ice bath immersions, sound healings and personal development. If you're wanting to host your own workshop or immersion with us, click here to find out more. 



Restore ~ 2 Hour Yin & Reiki Immersion

Restore. A 2 hour group Yin and Reiki experience.


In this indulgent 2 hour experience you'll receive both group Holy Fire III Reiki energy as well as one-on-one Reiki while melting into yin poses. Each Yin pose is curated to aid the flow of energy through and around your physical and energetic body. While the Reiki Holy Fire III is a potent flow of energy from source. Shifting stuck and slow moving energy.


This experience will leave you feeling deeply rested and nourished. You may experience shifts in your emotional, physical and energetic body that can leave a profound upgrade in energy to forge your best path ahead.


This event is held at Redhead Wellness Sanctuary, Redhead, lit by fairy lights and candles in a warm and welcoming space.


All props will be provided, for comfort I would recommend bringing an extra blanket. Wear warm moveable clothing.

When: Friday the 21st of 

Tickets: $55


The Reconnection

The Reconnection is our in person one day event, designed for men and women to heal, grow and reconnect to self. 

We do this through multiple modalities, such as cold immersions, deep guided visualisations, unconscious work and a potent breath journey to finish.

Run by our co-owner Jacob and his team at Polaris Coaching throughout the year, be sure to checkout the button link for the next upcoming dates. Men's and Women's events run on separate days. 

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