Four Week Online Coaching

with Meg Linton & Holly Cootes

Starting 4th May


Understand your digestion

Our digestion can create harmony and nourishment to our body, or it can cause pain and discomfort.

We will go into the best times of the day to eat and when your biggest meal should be.

We will discover what your symptoms mean and Ayurvedic tools to relieve them.

Bloating, constipation, gas and reflux are all imbalances that occur in our body, we will discuss what the symptoms mean and how to ease your body from discomfort.


Your gut function and stress are intertwined. We will discuss the impacts stress has on your ability to absorb nutrients and imbalances in the body.

Through Yoga and movement you will learn poses and postures to aid digestion.

Meditation has profound documented evidence in reducing stress, we will teach you simple meditations to face the challenges of today in a healthy way.

Self Care Rituals

Self care rituals are how you implement the tools you learn into your life.

Rituals help us nurture ourselves on a daily basis, something that we need to prioritise to get through the uncertainty around us and to ensure we are taking positive action to strengthen our immune system.

We will teach you simple tools to use daily and yoga postures to encourage optimal health.

Balance & Purpose

Uncovering the doshas was pivotal in our personal health journeys. When we understand our own unique blend of energy, we can work with that energy and create balance and calm.

When we understand this, we find it much easier to find our purpose and live it everyday.

Not only will we discuss this in depth, we will find strength in Yoga and create flow in our body for balance.


Holly Cootes


A beautiful, gentle soul, Holly’s love for true connection is inspirational. With extensive experience as a yoga instructor and a practicing reiki and ayurvedic coach, she is able to support others to find connection to themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually.


The movement guru. Meg’s extensive knowledge on the body and how it needs to move to flourish on all levels is extensive. Her fun energy and zest for life are infectious and her philosophies on living life beautifully and to its fullest are inspiring.

Throughout history so much wisdom ended up getting lost or misunderstood. That wisdom is the wisdom of our bodies. Every process and every system in our bodies has a way of functioning in complete harmony and balance. These systems, when out of balance, also have the potential to cause discomfort, pain and frustration. That is the wisdom of the body. The power is in our bodies ability to communicate with us on a cellular level.

Are you listening?

Ayurveda teaches us that all health and harmony begins with our digestion.

You will learn about your agni aka, your digestive fire, and how to synchronise your food and eating habits that support your fire.

Our agni is not just the power that digests food, it is the power that processes everything that comes through the gateway of the 5 senses.

Have you ever thought how a particular fight or argument effects your digestion? Have you noticed sometimes when you’re feeling down you don’t want to eat at all, and if you’re like me you want to eat everything? This is the subtle essence of your agni.

The infamous doshas are not the bee all and end all to Ayurveda, however they are a beautiful entry point into understanding your digestion and your daily habits.

How many of you eat a huge dinner, can’t sleep properly and wake up feeling exhausted the next morning? Most of the population… Together we’ll uncover the energetic and mystical three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, to gain insight into what might be creating imbalance in your system and ways to move back to harmony.

For so long I accepted that it was normal to feel crappy, lethargic, anxious and stressed as normal and I thought I’d never feel different until I learnt about the energies of the doshas.

I still feel this ways sometimes but the difference is now I know and understand the wisdom of my body and you can too. For so long Ayurveda has been a secret and I want to share it like it’s going out of fashion.

I’m going to teach you how each dosha creates different states of physical and emotional stress and give you some easy tips to help while Meg is going to guide you through movement based practices that help pacify the imbalanced energy.

We are more than ourselves. Everything that happens in your body happens on a psychospiritual level. Have you ever thought about your emotional body? You are more than the physical, tangible body you can see and feel and we must look into the subtle essence to understand what’s going on.

We’ll look deeper into stress and why it’s so important to create ritual in our daily life in times where there seems to be no routine at all. We’ll look at the greater purpose of life to feel a sense of ease and connection again.

Holly x

If we cant recognise in our body what is going on in our mind, then how are we going to be able to fix it?

When we move with awareness, we are able to adapt in a way that compliments the state of the mind. It’s a FEELING state. I will help you understand what it feels like to hold emotional stress or Financial tension in the body, and know what to do to ease it. You will learn how to bring your body back to a state of balance, equilibrium.

Any time, any where, Our Environment is constantly changing. We sometimes cannot change the way things are, but we can choose how to respond to them.

I used to move really fast. Everything was fast, I didn’t know how to slow down. Constantly I was injured, broken, Tight and sore and my mind was also battling with stress, anxiety, and the emotional side of a 20 year old eating disorder.

When I learnt in Ayurveda that we have different energy states that we move through…Sometimes all three in one day, I understood very clearly that I needed to stop being so busy, fast and aggressive with my movement, and focus more on slow strength, yoga, stability and grounding, (this does not mean easy by the way)

By recognising if we feel too much air (Vata) too much Fire (Pitta) or too much Kapha (earth) we can adjust accordingly and help balance the state of our mind and body.

A Yoga and meditation practice is vital right now, Some of you may be in the mindset that I was when I started…Yoga is too slow for me, or its not hard enough.. Things come to us at the right time, and maybe it’s a new time to give something old a go.

Yoga grounds us down. We connect on an internal level. From the base of your spine to the crown of your head you will learn how to tune in and be honest with how you feel in your body.

Using our Breath to move Prana (energy) around the body to the areas that need our attention. Hips, lower backs and Digestive issues can be present at this time due to stress, emotions and financial instability. Its now more a time than ever to be honest with ourselves, check in on a physical and emotional level, and learn the skills to feel to heal.

Meg x

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