Holly Cootes

Coaching with Holly in 2020


What are you most passionate about? 

Connection, as human beings, part of our nature is to connect, although in the world we live in I think sometimes its too easy to disconnect. I love connection created through being a yoga teacher to the students I teach and I love seeing students connect with each other as well. Mostly, I love seeing each student create a deeper more conscious connection within themselves through the practice of yoga. You can really tell when someone is connected to themselves and the rest of the world. You can see it on their face and you can feel it! I LOVE this!  I think if we all remember to connect with ourselves; to our truest, highest, intuitive self, and each other everyday, we would all feel so much more full and alive. Something I’m working on this year is being more connected and more open;  more connected to my feelings and more connected in my relationships. It’s not always easy, but it feels so good when I chose to open up, be real and connect!


Why did you decide to work in the health industry? 

Being in this industry wasn’t a conscious choice, it naturally happened! I was always really active as a kid and when I got into my later teens and finished school I would spend pretty much all of time time learning as much about health as I could. I was always drawn to a more holistic approach to wellness. I started Yoga when I was 15 but if you told me then I was going to be a yoga teacher I wouldn’t of believed you let alone even considered it! Each time I did yoga teacher trainings I was always so afraid of failing or not being good enough to be a teacher, but the very teachings of Yoga helped me overcome this and once the profound teachings of Yoga affected me, it was a door opened that will never be closed again. I had to share the yogic entire system with anyone I could!


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your life? 

This was hard for me to write but my word this year is ‘open’ so that’s what I’ll do. The biggest ‘challenge’ I’ve had to over come is caring for my nan and watching her leave her physical form here on earth. Being with someone at the end of their life is very difficult but also so, so beautiful! As hard as it was Nan filled our home with so much LOVE! It taught me so much about life and what is important. I will be forever grateful for the time I shared with her and the lessons she taught me.


If you could give one word of advice what would it be? 

Be. Just simply be. In each moment be with yourself, be with the people in front of you, be with the environment that you’re in. Breathe it all in; take it all in.


What is the most inspiring quote you have heard? 

‘The inspiration you seek, is already within you. Be silent and listen’. – Rumi


Do you have an ethos you live by? 

Choose love over fear in every moment. I choose to live by this each day! Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t mastered this I’m still learning each day. I believe in each moment you only have to choices – love and fear. I believe love is your intuition and fear is you ego, your judgement. Choose love and you will be able to do anything!


If you could invite any three people over for dinner (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

I can’t limit this to 3 haha – Oprah Winfrey (of course), Ellen DeGeneres, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Buddha.


Get more from your practise with Holly, our zen yoga instructor. She has been a yogi since 15 years of age.