Ailish Spencer


What are you most passionate about? 

I am most passionate about spending quality time with my family and friends. I try to make every moment that I spend with them count and when I’m doing this I am the happiest version of myself.

Why did you decide to work in the health industry?

I’ve always loved the idea of being able to help people, I think this is the reason I’ve always wanted to work in the health industry. Over the past 5 years my answer to “What do you want to do when your older”, has changed from a doctor, to a paramedic, to a midwife to a radiologist. So as you can see, I’m still unsure of exactly what I want to do, but I believe working at the Sanctuary and learning more about health, will help me figure to that out.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your life?

To be completely honest, I’ve been pretty blessed so far in life and can’t say that I’ve really had any big challenges to overcome. However, I do know that if ever the time comes that I do have a challenge to overcome, I am surrounded by the most amazing people to support me.

If you could give one word of advice what would it be?

Count your blessings. I know that when I’ve been given this advice, I begin to look at all the positives and focus more on the good things that life has to offer.


What is the most inspiring quote you have heard?

“Live everyday like it could be your last”. I think this quote is truly inspiring and encourages people to live their life to the fullest, treat every person with kindness and step out of your comfort zone and take on anything that comes your way, so that in the end you’ll have no regrets.

Do you have an ethos you live by?

I believe that every thing happens for a reason. When my mum and dad first said this to me, it provided me with so much comfort in knowing that the hardship I was experiencing at the time had a purpose, to teach me to always be grateful for the good.

If you could invite any three people over for dinner (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

David Attenborough, because he has seen most parts of the world and  would have the most amazing stories and photos to share.
Steph Woods, because she is the most amazing netball player I’ve ever seen and I know I would learn so much from her.
My Pop, because he is the most caring, funny person and has lived so many experiences that most people have not and hearing about those stories would be amazing.