Yogic Relationships


One in three marriages end in divorce. 

Pretty blunt fact to start with huh? 

I am a statistic. My first marriage ended in divorce after 8 years of marriage, the average marriage that ends in divorce lasts 12.1 years.

So I am a below average statistic at that. 

And although I believe all marriages are a huge success (however they end and however soon)… I also believe that some relationships can be saved with knowledge, compassion and self discovery. 

If I am honest, my first husband and I didn’t take marriage very seriously. I was married at 21… 14 weeks pregnant.

We engaged 6 months before the pregnancy, so it wasn’t a total gun shot wedding but we didn’t know what we were getting into. At that age we had no idea how much we would both change over the coming years in completely different directions. 

This marriage was not designed to be forever.

We grew up together, learnt how to adult, made a family and saw each other through some rough challenges. But we would’ve stopped growing as individuals had we of persevered. 

We reached our threshold of what we could teach the other and it truly was the best decision we could’ve made. 

We have both met partners who align with our souls much more than we could’ve together. 

My forever husband Glen, has etched himself on my heart.

We laugh more than I have with any other person, we dream the same dreams and are traveling in the same direction and most importantly have aligned values.

But, we have almost quit numerous times. 

Bags have been packed and plans have been made to go our own ways. 

And this would’ve been the worst decision we could’ve made.

These are the relationships I am talking to. The ones that are based on a soulful love. Some relationships have so much potential but do not last or struggle to get out of the slumps because of a few missing pieces.

I go into these in detail in our online course; Love, Hate & Your Soul Mate (seriously can’t recommend it enough) 

In the very first Collective for 2020 I will share;

  • The energy behind relationships
  • What you need to know about yourself to make a relationship healthy
  • How to treat your partner in a way that will make them thrive. 

Glen and I have worked so hard on this… like seriously worked. Two strong minded, stubborn, workaholic adults bringing five kids together, managing businesses, a property and ex partners. It has been a steep learning curve. What has kept us madly in love through all of this is…

Self reflection. 

It honestly is the key. Do not blame your partner for how you feel. Go inward and work on YOU before you point any fingers outward. 

I understand there are extreme circumstances of violence and abuse, and this is not ok, but there is a reason why you have sought out a person like this. It still starts with you to reveal what your triggers and stories are so you do not leave that person and fall straight back into the arms of a partner the same as the last. 

No matter what, work on you first and then look at the relationship as a whole person… it truly makes the world of difference. 

This is what I share at The Collective Thursday 5 March 2020 (Click here for recordings) and go deeper into in Love, Hate & Your Soul Mate Online Course

Having a deep loving connection is always your possibility.


Melinda xo