Yogic Lifestyle

Yoga isn’t a religion or an exercise class.

It is a way of life.

It is a philosophy and an ancient science. There is wisdom and there is space for each person to hold it differently.

For me, one of the most cherished elements of Yoga is the lifestyle it offers me.

Yogis are conscious with how they sleep, wake, eat, move and care for themselves.

Even the most simple things we may think nothing of, has purpose and meaning. There is a method for relaxing to sleep to enable a more sound and rejuvenating sleep.

A way to wake up to the day to adjust your spine, navel point and nervous system and even a way to brush your hair to encourage your natural oils.

There are poses it offers you throughout your day to support what you need in any given moment.

Allowing yoga to be apart of your life on and off the mat brings a sense of peace and presence.

Sleeping with your bed facing East-West misaligns you from the Earths magnetic field so it does not run through you.

Falling to sleep on your right side encourages left nostril breathing which brings about a calming and cooling effect for a better nights rest.

Waking with your hands over your eyes and slowly allowing the light in avoids damage to the optic nerve and dry brushing before your shower stimulates your circulatory and lymphatic systems as well as nourishes the skin… these are just some of the lifestyle tidbits I will share with you in this Collective. 

How to live a Yogi life and truly benefit from this ancient practise.

Yoga is a way of being. And it feels really good being this way. xo