Understanding Your Body


No one shoe fits all

With over 7.7 billion people on the planet it makes sense to believe we will have vast differences between us.

Science shows us that we all have a unique DNA code. This code influences your organs, mental capacity, hormones and emotions.

Although there are considerable differences between each unique individual on our planet, there are enough similarities to create 6 categories of people who share comparable biology and physiology.

These are our Health Types

With over 20 years working in health this has been one of my biggest questions into human nature. It baffled me the first few years of my career, why some would respond like text book to the science taught to me about physiology and metabolic rates and others would have little to no response.

After many years of constant study and questioning, I found the answer…

Because humans are such complex beings, you can never create a blanket fix for all.

As an example, you will notice how some people will lose weight in times of stress and others will put it on.

That some people rise in the morning slowly and others bounce out of bed.

Do you notice that you have an abundance of energy training at a particular time of day? And when you try to replicate your effort at a different time, your body doesn’t respond as well?

This is because you are uniquely designed

When you learn the key aspects to feeling healthy and energised for YOU, you will notice a huge shift with less effort.


This is the basis of our Personalised Health Program

In this Collective I will share;

  • How to discover your unique code
  • What are your key factors to health
  • How to create small and significant changes

This is what I share at The Collective Thursday 19 March 2020 (Click here for recordings) and go deeper in our Personalised Health Plans

Having a deep connection yourself is such a gift.


Melinda xo