TURMERIC: The Golden Spice

Turmeric, widely considered “The Golden Spice”, due it’s significant health benefits, originally derived from ancient India, traditionally used as a natural spice for cooking and curries.

In India, Turmeric has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. This vibrant spice is often used as a household remedy for numerous ailments like hepatic disorders, sinusitis, cough, and rheumatism, offering medicinal benefits far beyond flavour for cooking.


Turmeric varieties

Turmeric has more recently in the west, expanded beyond cooking into variations used for its medicinal and health enhancing qualities, to better aid and enhance absorption into the body.  


Capsule – Turmeric, in capsule form, makes it easier for people to absorb the many nutrients and health benefits it has to offer.

Oil – Turmeric also comes in oils, which can be used for aroma therapy, allowing many individuals to partake in its relaxing and soothing effects.

Paste – You can also create or purchase Turmeric in paste form, which can act as a topical cream to nourish the body and the skin.


Benefits of Turmeric

Who would have thought, such a simple root plant could aid such significant health benefits? In addition to treating numerous ailments, Turmeric also has a wide variety of internal

• anti-inflammatory• antifertility• antiviral
• antioxidant• anti-diabetic• anti-fibrotic
• anti-carcinogenic• antibacterial• anti-venom
• anti-mutagenic• antifungal• antiulcer
• anticoagulant• antiprotozoal• hypotensive and hypocholesterolemic activities


Ways to Consume Turmeric

One of the most popular way to consume Turmeric is in a wholesome, nourishing curry, however more recently people are experimenting more with adding this magic spice to other food and beverages. Here are some of our favourites:


Add it Smoothies – You can drop a few tablespoons, or pinches, of turmeric into your smoothie. Fresh Turmeric root taste especially good in smoothies (as well as juices), with the somewhat pungent taste concealed by the smoothie.

Tea for Turmeric – You can more simply enjoy Turmeric in your tea. Simply, simmer turmeric with coconut milk and honey, for a heartwarming latte or cuppa.

Toss it in Your Salad – Adding turmeric to roasted, stir fried or steamed vegetables is an easy and effective way to consume this health enhancing spice.

Turmeric, in its many variations, only gives further confirmation that natures gifts of root and plant vegetables and spices, have such vast health benefits beyond our understanding. Next time you are in the kitchen, consider adding to Golden Spice to your favourite dishes or warm drinks, and begin to feel the extensive benefits within your internal and external system.


Image source: https://www.freepik.com/premium-photo/fresh-turmaric-powder_1823952.htm#term=turmeric&page=1&position=4