The New Movement- The Foot and Hip connection

The New Movement- The Foot and hip Connection


If you were to take off your shoes and study your feet, what would you say to them?  Would you want to nurture them, massage them, really study them? Learn about them and how they can help your Lower Back, Hips and Knees?


Or does this make you scrunch up your face in a reaction that screams…is she for real?


What would you say if I told you your feet are your connection to feeling supported, grounded and safe in a world where it is quite uncertain and unsettled?

Would you want to know more about them?


When was the last time you stood in the grass…barefoot and really felt the connection?


Whatever state our bodies are in right now….they can change.  Our cells are renewing themselves until we die.  No matter what age you are, if you are stuck in the mindset of ‘It is what it is, I’m too old to change’, then you never will.


On a biological level, we are able to unlearn what our feet have been doing for years. It may take a little practice and consistency…but it is possible to move better. Through yoga, my own amazing teachers, spending time balancing, moving, playing, grounding, falling and exploring the connection of the feet and hips, I have found a huge difference in my spine, hips, balance and also the state of my mind, just by exploring this amazing part of our bodies.


We have disconnected from our feet so easily, and for many of us it can feel like they are completely neglected.  Remember…our feet only stink because we, as westerners shove them in shoes that are not designed for the shape of our foot.  They squish the toes, create poor alignment from the moment you put them on, and 99 percent of shoes (especially in the elderly) are like people are walking around on arches.


We were never meant to be on ramps.  Our feet are sturdy, hearty and designed to support our FULL body. We have lost that along the way and the rest of our body pays the price.


We are going to dive right in to a place that may be a little unfamiliar…I’m going to get you to take off your shoes.


Yes you will be taking some time to nurture and check out what’s really going on down there, and


Yes, I’m going to give you some really simple tips on how you can pay attention to them, to help you start to correct ailments that are going on in the knees and hips.


Have you ever thought to link your hips to your feet?


Our feet have 26 bones, 33 joints and 4 layers of muscle in each foot.   If we were to put our hands in a shoe and restrict it’s movement for 8 hours or more a day…how do you think our hands would function…not that great right?


Maybe you have wondered why you get random knee pain or have had to experience a knee or hip reconstruction without facing immediate trauma on the joint. Your glute medius is weak, but you have the best shoes out there to help you obtain a ‘better run”.


Plantar Fasciaitis is a dirty word to you and you can’t shake it?



On the flip side, are you always wrapped up in shoes that you feel unbalanced, wobbly, anxious or can’t concentrate?  Maybe you fall frequently or feel unsteady? Could be as simple as your feet and getting to know them.


You won’t know unless you pop along for an hour and see if little changes can make a big difference,


It can’t hurt right?


See you Thursday 6.30pm The Collective – Redhead Wellness Sanctuary Facebook page for a livestream


It’s Free.