The Feeling of Healing

“I laid on the massage table awaiting my therapists return, partly regretting not booking a massage, they just feel sooo good and I didn’t know what Bowen really was to be honest. But as soon as her hands gently touched me I felt a peaceful sensation overcome me. It was like my spirit was being massaged if that even makes sense? Within two months of treatment my chronic bad back was gone and I feel lighter, more aware from the the process” Carol Piper ~ converted Bowen advocate.

Ah the wonders of Bowen Therapy

A little info for you on what Bowen is…
Bowen is a technique that uses a series of small movements of the therapists’ hands at different sites of soft tissue over the entire body. These movements are gentle and non invasive but extremely effective.

A good Bowen therapist typically uses subtle and delicate movements of their fingers and thumb pads without excessive force; a ‘less is more’ approach to the body.

Bowen is unlike anything else…it is not a massage, not acupressure, chiro, energy work or trigger pointing. It works on looking at the body as a whole and empowering the body’s own potential to HEAL itself.

By creating structural balance and symmetry Bowen will enable you to be the best you can be.

Most people are surprised at just how effective this treatment is. I myself would get regular Bowen treatments for various musculoskeletal issues when I lived down south on the Mornington Peninsula. I noticed its incredible power most whilst heavily pregnant with my first daughter Willow. She was overdue and I was determined not to be induced medically. I put my trust in my amazing Bowen therapist Peter.

He worked through areas of my body that needed attention and focused on my pelvic and hip areas. Peter, fully aware of how powerful Bowen can be made sure my sister came with me in case of labour induction.

As I stood up from the table my belly literally dropped slowly before my eyes and the eyes of my sister, Willow engaged slowly during the rest of that day and I went into labour that night.

Incredible stuff.

My body had just been supported to do what it naturally knows what to do, by releasing my hips and pelvis Peter had enabled my body to relax and allow my baby to fully engage.

My experience is just an example for you, Bowen can be used to treat so many conditions at the root cause…anything from;

  • Acute sports injuries
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain and tension
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Allergy issues
  • Reproductive issues

If this treatment sounds like something that you would love to try please get in touch and book in with Tressa now.

Much love to you all,

Bron xx