Patanjali’s Sutras

Wisdom is the doorway to peace. As we tune into the wisdom of the universe, we move beyond cause and effect. Suffering will not be in our vocabulary once we reach this point. We will not react (or over react).

For now, we are scratching the surface of what that means as our awareness slowly begins to expand.

Patanjali’s vision was a thread of 195 thought laden aphorisms. This was the definitive foundation of yoga itself. We call it the Sutras of yoga.

In this weeks Collective I will share a basic overview of how the Sutras apply to your life and how to implement them to climb the ladder toward peace and joy.

There are eight limbs of yoga. Most of us are very familiar with the bendy part (Asanas) and breathing (Pranayam).

There are other core values, if you will, that complete the circle of balance in our lives.

When we use these as a guide of self nourishment and compassion for others, it creates a sensation of acceptance for what is.

The eight limbs are;

Yamas; How you treat others

Niyama; How you treat yourself

Asana; The postures we use to master the positive mind

Pranayam; Breathing, air & feelings

Pratyahar; Our five senses we experience life with

Dharana; Single focus

Dhyana; Absorption, healing projected

Samadhi; There is no I

Although within this, there are some gnarly concepts many of us wouldn’t have the discipline for (I’ll share in the Collective) I find these a good baseline for kindness and compassion.

I will share the rest with you in this Collective. 

Melinda xo