Speaking to your guides

Speaking to Your Guides

The metaphysical world is a tough one for many to comprehend. Because we don’t use our senses, we tune into it (like a radio station, a specific frequency) and therefore it’s hard to substantiate.

So based on that understanding, my beliefs are formed by my personal experiences and the research and study of parapsychologists such as Dr. Brian Weiss.

The metaphysical realm is one that must be experienced to believe.

And even when you experience it, you second guess the trippy conclusions you draw from bizarre synchronicities, trying to find logic and reason where there simply is none.

Some people can bend objects with their mind. Others claim to see the spiritual realm, visit past lives or become a conduit for healing energy. Others talk to angels and some have the ability to read auras and third eyes (psychics).

Anyone with an abundance of logic and minimal intuition will cast these claims out without any consideration.

Those with a plethora of intuition will dive deeply into the metaphysical world and those with a mixed bag of logic and intuition will bounce back and forth between their gut and their mind as they decide what they believe.

It’s a topic you either love or roll your eyes at… I love it.

But I also like logic and science so I have had periods of my life where I have struggled collaborating these two.

In this weeks Collective I will share my experiences with the spiritual realm, my first memory’s when I was ten.

I will also share ways in which I understand you can communicate to this higher frequency for direction, clarity and peace in your life.

For me, the best part of being spiritual is life’s more peaceful and loving. Fear cannot tie you down when you believe in an eternal soul, nor can you play victim when you believe in karma.

Even if its all in my imagination, I don’t mind.. it feels good so I’m happy to keep playing life this way.

I will share the rest with you in this Collective. 

Melinda xo