The Science Behind Personalised Health

I just want to say, how amazing are our bodies? It blows my mind how they grow, develop, change and adapt to our environment and how they have their own in built intelligence and blueprint of how our bodies are made and how they can function at their best.


There are billions of us on this planet but only one of you…


This is a fly-away comment that is often used in regards to health and wellness these days, but you really are one in 7.5 billion. How crazy is that?


There has only been and will only ever be one of YOU. Your health and wellness needs to be treated as such.


Personalised Health is as it’s name suggests, a Personalised Health program that really treats you as the individual you are and really listens to your bodies’ genetic information and how it functions at its absolute best.

Think back (way back for some of us) to our early science lessons in school as to how the embryo forms in the womb…once fertilized, the egg slowly grows by cell division and gradually gets to a point at roughly 15 days when the cells separate and form different distinguishable layers…the germ layers. Each of these layers pertains to the development of different parts of our bodies.


There are 3 layers:

The Ectoderm – pertaining to development of the skin and nervous system

The Mesoderm – pertaining to development of the muscles, circulatory system and the bones

The Endoderm – pertaining to development of the ‘primitive gut’ (the lungs, digestive tube: pancreas, liver, thymus and prostate) also the thyroid and pharynx.


Depending on the information from your DNA blueprint and your genetic code’s expression, you may find that your body has developed to be more dominant in one of these more than the others.

This genetic information and expression of this information forms the basis of the Health Types.


You may have heard of these 3 body classifications:


More energy has been placed on development of the nervous system and skin; therefore the body is long and lean with not much muscle and body fat. The brain and nervous system is very active and this classifications’ energy can tend towards being over stimulated and sensitive.


More energy has been placed on the development of the musculature and bone structure; therefore the body tends towards being athletic. Due to an active adrenal cortex this classifications’ energy can tend towards being direct, exhibit good leadership and assertiveness and aggressiveness.


More energy has been placed on the development of the primitive gut, thyroid and pharynx. Basically this body classification is extremely efficient at metabolizing so the body tends to hold onto more body fat, as it is so good at taking what it needs nutritionally from food intake. Energetically the Endomorph copes well in times of stress, as it is so good at storing energy in the body.


These three lay the foundation for the Health Types. The Health Types also take into account measurement markers in the body and environmental factors that influence how your body develops and what environmental factors need to be there in order for it to function at its best…

These are the six Health Types listed below. This is an extremely brief and general overview of these. Keep in mind that this is just a teeny tiny snapshot into these six types and how they have arisen from the 3 body classifications. The 6 Health Types can also be a combination of the 3 body classifications depending on the individual.



Strong focus has been on the Ectoderm; neurological development. Loves learning and mental stimulation, perceptive and intuitive. Strong minded, meticulous and sensitive.


Strong focus on both the Mesoderm and Endoderm; musculoskeletal system, the lungs and ‘primal gut’. Responds well to activity and change. Loves to connect to others, very social. Tend to feel things in the physical, love sensory journeys such as touch, food etc…


Strong focus on the development of the Mesoderm; musculoskeletal system, heart, kidneys and adrenal cortex. Active! Independent, determined and competitive. Easily adapts to change and loves the challenge.


Strong focus on the development of both the Ectoderm and Mesoderm; neurological and musculoskeletal systems the heart, kidneys and adrenal cortex. Driven to achieve and loves the ‘mission’. Curious and driven, they love a challenge and willing to put in the hard yards.


Strong focus on the development of both the Endoderm and Ectoderm; the lungs, primitive gut and neurological system. Driven and resilient, physically strong and built for endurance. Mental tenacity matches physical strength.


Strong focus on the development of the Endoderm; the lungs, primitive gut, thyroid and pharynx. The ‘strongest’ of the types, able to deal with cold, physical stresses, salt of the earth grounded types. Cope well with stress.

Attached for you is an image of the Health Types wheel to visualize where these Health Types sit within the 3 body classifications.


I cannot wait to delve more into the science behind Personalised Health and also go much deeper into the Health Types and some practical tips and tricks when I see you live on Thursday.

Do yourself a favour and revisit ‘Understanding your body’ by Melinda and complete the Health Type quiz…come armed with an inquiring mind and plenty of questions for me, I so look forward to seeing you then.


The Collective, Thursday the 7th of May at 6.30pm

Much love Bron xxx