Path of Wisdom

The Stages of Our Spiritual Growth..

We all walk the same path, just differently.

A snippet of the story I will share at The Collective Thursday 23 July;

A wiseman had three students who were ready to embark on their final journey before becoming wisemen in their own villages.


The night before their departure he told them to pack a warm jacket, a long piece of cloth and a lighter. He explained they were to leave an hour apart from each other starting at dawn. If they were to see each other on their way, they were not to communicate. He handed them each a map of the trail they were to follow.


He pointed out the stream they were to cross, the mountain to climb and a rope bridge that will be a sign their journey will soon be over. He explained he would be waiting for them in the village at the foot of the mountain that looks like a pregnant woman.


He wished them all a wonderful journey and left them to rest their final night in a warm bed with shelter before their journey into the wilderness would begin.


The next morning the students did as they were instructed. They left one at a time from dawn.


The wiseman waited three days at the village before the first student arrived. He was limping with the cloth wrapped around a sprained ankle. He was wearing his warm jacket and told the wiseman he had traded his lighter with a native for water and food. The wiseman told him to make himself comfortable in a room prepared for him and he will visit him soon…


I will share the rest with you in this Collective. 

Melinda xo