Overwhelmed by Stress? Try These Natural Stress Relievers

No matter how many times you try to run from it, stress will always be there. Whether we like it or not, stress is something that all of us experience. Stress has some good effects, like helping us stay alert, help us perform better on stage, help us ace a very important exam, and more.

However, regular stress can quickly turn into a chronic one, which can have negative effects on a person’s mind and body. Feeling overwhelmed by stress is an indication that something in your life is wrong, and that some changes must be made, so today, we’ll be introducing some natural stress relievers to help you handle stress better. Stress relievers that’ll help you live a more peaceful and happier life.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Begin to positively challenge your thoughts using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is a therapeutic practice that focuses on challenging and changing your thoughts. It relies on the idea that the way an individual comprehends an event (not the actual event itself) has a lot to do with how their bodies react to stress.

It revolves around the principle that if a person is able to reframe the way they discern events in their lives — like instead of panicking when making a simple mistake at work and blowing the results out of proportion by thinking that he/she will be fired, they can instead admit the mistake, apologise, then proceed to managing and making amendments about it — they’d be able to dramatically reduce the levels of stress when they encounter any kind of stressful event in their lives.


Exercise and Yoga

Exercise is one of the best natural stress relievers available to anyone. Exercising triggers our body to release a chemical called endorphin, which is considered as the body’s innate mood-lifter and painkiller. Additionally, yoga been shown to share identical results, and strengthening the “mind-body connection,” making people feel better about their bodies, which lead to improved sleep and lower levels of anxiety.



A system of complementary medicine — which is performed by pricking the epidermis or tissues using needles to medicate numerous emotional, physical, and mental conditions; it also relieves pain — has been around for 4,000 years, and is still being used in today’s setting.

Research shows that it has effects that result in changes in the cardiovascular and immune systems, aiding with the body’s cellular immune response and increasing protective T-cell proliferation. It also helps regulate the nervous system, having positive effects on our hormones, blood pressure levels and circulation, to name a few.

A few other natural stress relievers are adaptogen herbs, essential oils, having a nutrient-dense diet, meditation, and more. In reality, stress is not inherently bad, or good, as it can be helpful during certain situations. However, that’s not to say you should manage it and let it affect your life. Use the natural stress relievers we’ve just talked about, to help you combat the negative effects of stress, and to keep it at a safe, and comfortable, distance