Mystic & Reflective Meditations

Meditation means something different to most people.

In this weeks Collective I will speak about meditation from my experience and perspective. 

As a little girl, my Dad would teach me meditations to calm my nerves and overcome fears. He would share visualisations and walking meditations. He taught me breath patterns and spoke about the metaphysical realm. 

He played a huge role in my spiritual growth. 

After spending a number of years distracted with adventure and material pleasure in my late teens, I returned to this knowledge he shared in my twenties. It has been a solid part of my life all throughout adulthood. 

I can feel it in my body and mind when I have missed a practise… and my family can tell by my mood and perspective.  

It truly changes how you view the world and yourself. 

For me, meditation and movement are the keys to wellness. Movement was covered with our guru Meg last week (if you missed it, here is the link) so this week is all about its partner in life, meditation. 

We will practise a few different types of meditation together so you can feel into the most aligned practise for you and where you’re at today. 

When you break all meditation methods down, they can be divided into two categories;

Mystic and Reflective

Mystic meditations are when you are taken to another realm.

You may experience a shift in your energy, see lights or visions and feel “enlightened” or different when you rejoin the material world. It is connection to a higher intelligence. It is an outward connected experience.

Reflective meditations are more subtle but just as powerful. 

You connect to your stillness, shuniya. Reflective meditations range from going into old patterns or trauma to release them, to connecting to breath and finding your inner calm. It is an inward experience.

In tomorrow’s Collective we will explore both mystic and reflective meditation and how to trust your inner guide without needing to perch on a pillow for clarity. 

Once you tap into the true essence of meditation, you can have the same benefits driving a car or working at your desk. It is about the space you choose to go to, and who you choose to be. 

This is one of my favourite topics. Looking forward to sharing


Big love,


Melinda xx


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