Mum, This Is Why We Love You

Mums. Where would we be without them? The wise women in our lives who welcome us into this beautiful world. Who teaches us how to walk, talk, laugh, smile and are there for us when we cry, always. The women that show us unconditional love, guidance and support. They are the women that we aspire to and always hope to be just as beautiful as they are one day.

Our mums help us grow into the humans that we desire to be. They work hard to make sure our wildest dreams come true, they believe in us even when we don’t. They are the strongest women we know, selfless, caring and kind. From the moment we enter this world they dedicate their life to making our life abundant and fulfilling.

They guide us through our tantrums, dramatics and breakdowns. They even let us get away with it when we broke into their makeup bags, stole their favourite red lipstick and decorated our tiny faces and usually their walls. (sorry mum)

Without us even realizing it, they teach us to be brave, courageous and bold. Take a moment and think about all the best qualities about yourself… I bet they came from your mum or at least your mum helped you shape them.

If you are a Mumma, acknowledge YOUrself for everything you do in this beautiful world, you’re doing a freaking amazing job raising your little humans and our community.

Right now, think of 3 reasons why you are grateful for your mum. Now, go and tell her or write it in a letter and give it to her. She will love it and it will probably be just what she needs to hear this Mother’s Day.


Written by Melinda