Kids spell love = TIME

What do our kids want most from us? Toys? Bikes? Money? Yes, all of that stuff can excite them but what they crave and essentially all they need from us is love and time. Did you know that most kids spell love T – I – M – E ? That’s right, time is soo important to kids. They value our time more than anything. Spending quality time with your kids is vital. I know this can be difficult at times. Instead of trying to find time for your kids, CREATE time. It’s that simple.

How to create more time?

  • Just like you schedule appointments and meetings with your weekly plan you should also get in the habit of making special time for your kids. Even if its only 30 minutes at the end of your day or beginning of your day. Plan it together and make it fun!!
  • Secondly, don’t over commit yourself. Try not to make your week jam-packed that you don’t have any spare time to hang out with your kids for just 10 minutes when they ask because you’re too busy. How many times have your kids asked to hang out with you and you have to say no because you are ‘too busy’? Too many times I’m sure. Make your schedule flexible so it will allow room for you to take 10 minutes out to spend time with your kids.

We want to give back to all of our families at The Sanctuary and we know how hard it can be trying to fit everything into your life; exercise, dinner, work, time-out, running around… That’s why we have created our ‘Family First’ week! During this week you can bring a family member to your favourite classes for FREE!! 9-15th Jan. Want more info? Call us on 4942 6365 ‘Your presence is the best present.’