Karma and Dharma

Karma & Dharma

When karmas remain so do you ~ Yogi Bhajan

There is a misconception about karma. Some regard it as a negative cycle, we get karma for doing bad things.

But this isn’t quite true. Karma is a law, that isn’t good or bad. It’s cause and effect.

It’s a cycle we get stuck in. We identify ourselves with ideas and beliefs and then react to situations based on that.

Karma is beyond death, meaning we are reborn carrying our karmas with us.

We’re born into an environment, with a body and mind that reflects our current karmic state.


This is an unpalatable concept to many of us. Because this means we are responsible for our life circumstances. And that isn’t easy to swallow.

As I sat to prepare for this week’s Collective on Karma I said to Glen, ‘I must’ve been really really good in past lives and really really bad’ The pleasantness in my life is beyond amazing. And the challenges have created so much pain, beyond any words I could muster. He responded with, ‘Well I must’ve been a F*er too’.

I try my hardest to refrain from saying ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as much as possible but force of habit allows it to leave my lips more than I’d like.

As I do believe with every atom, that there’s no good or bad in life. It just is.


I’ve got things to experience and learn, and however that comes to me is just life doing its best to serve me… even though I may despise life for it at the time.

The trick is, to learn not to react, to reach dharma and move beyond cause and effect.


This week’s Collective is a little special, I will prerecord so I can share with you images of the cycle we get stuck in. One of the most influencial and life changing philosophies we can invest into, is the law of cause and effect.

Let’s dive into this together.

Big love,

Melinda xo