Sharen Morgan

You know when you meet someone truly special you can feel it immediately? That is how I felt when Sharen Morgan walked into the Sanctuary.

This incredible “Nana” inspires me to no end. She comes to classes with a glow, smashes it out as good as the 20+-year-olds in the room, has a huge heart that she greets you with – even when you’re yelling at her to drop and do a burpee and pushes her boundaries like the best of them.

When I look at Sharen, she confirms that age is just a number. I see her determination, her strength, her fitness, energy and health and know that this is how life should be for all of us. This woman is an example to all of us that YOU can do whatever you put your mind to. Sharen has.

Last month Sharen participated in the Fernleigh 30, completing the entire track of 30.2km’s in only 3 hours. All in-between babysitting the grandkids and rallying up more sponsors for Hands across the water – just because she cares.

When Sharen couldn’t make our trivia night to support KOTO (another beautiful charity), she handed me an envelope to donate anyway. This is the gesture of a woman who lives in her heart. I have so much admiration for you Sharen.

If anyone out there is doubting their abilities, please read Sharen’s story below and know that you too can do it! Once you find your key driver, what inspires you to make positive changes, hold onto it and focus on that alone. A little burn is nothing when you can see the end result. Sore muscles – who cares, when it means you can have the life of your dreams. Go for it, my friends!!

Sharen, you are an inspiration and I am so grateful you are in our world. x

Sharon’s story…

“My personal wellness journey” – Sharen Morgan

When I was asked to “share a bit of my story  … ie a little blurb about my personal wellness/fitness journey” I thought I’d need a day or two to think about it…

Wrong – The words have spilt out very quickly, and this is the ‘short’ version!

As a self-confessed ‘yo-yo’ dieter (admittedly over the last 25-30 years), I’ve tried all the fads, diets, pills, gyms, weight loss centres … you name it, I’ve tried it.  Even the thought of being ‘mother of the bride’ in 2007 and then ‘mother of the groom’ in 2008 couldn’t get me to change my bad habits … in fact, with me, it went the other way and the weight piled on.  It wasn’t until such a simple thought as not being able to play with the grandchildren without tiring (which included getting down & up off the ground quickly), that something finally clicked!

So about nine years ago, just before becoming a ‘Nanna’, I was on medication for high blood pressure, classed as ‘morbidly obese’ and definitely not happy about it, and I made the commitment to change.

Of course, there have been ups and downs along the way, and by the time I found Redhead Wellness Sanctuary about 12 months ago, although having lost a pile of weight, but still “obese”, initially I was really only looking at the boxing classes ‘to lose some more weight’, because that’s what I was always trying to do, and to see what I thought about yoga!  I was worried about attending classes because of my age and capabilities, so I opted for an Intro offer!  It only took me 10 days to want more!  I laugh that now at most of the classes I attend, I’m the oldest (or I think I am!!) … but it doesn’t matter in the least – I felt instantly welcomed by all (staff and clients).  It didn’t take the instructors long to work me out personally, knowing how to motivate me, knowing what I was capable of (often before I realised myself), encouraging me to achieve both physically (yay … planks, push-ups and now skipping) and mentally (who would have thought I’d source and attend Yoga classes whilst on holidays!)

Redhead Wellness Sanctuary has given me so much more than I expected … not only pushing the physical boundaries to my now feeling fitter than I’ve been for a long time but, having originally started the classes with my friend Pauline, my husband is now also attending Yoga classes with me (or on his own!) and, more recently, I’ve now also experienced and enjoyed meditation, something I’d never contemplated before!   Yes, I’ve lost weight, but I found that part quite easy with the motivation of the trainers/team, benefiting from the personal approach, participating in challenges, enjoying a massage, and the support offered via the website, including Recipes and Health Tips.  I’m looking forward to attending other events run throughout the year too!

From Melinda and her whole team to the other clients, you know you’re in the right spot when, after being greeted at reception, and you’re the first of three people to attend a fitness class, the other two very much younger girls are chatting, one turns and asks “And how has your week been?”  Or when the instructor walks in and you can feel the positive, energetic vibe in the room!  Or when the Yoga teacher starts a class and your mind is very quickly moved to another zone, I think that’s pretty special!  It’s very much a feel-good atmosphere, with all classes led by experienced instructors/teachers who are passionate about what they do, and I love every minute of it!

Life’s good and I’m pretty happy about it!