What Happens When You Live an Imbalanced Life

We are in a constant state of always trying to achieve our goals. How many times have you pushed yourself to the brink of exhaustion, trying to put in just “one” more thing? How many times have you put a ton of unnecessary stress on yourself because you want a promotion or a salary increase?

Don’t get me wrong, working hard to attain your goals is a good thing. It’s an amazing feat that we can take inspiration from. However, exerting too much effort will only burn you out and in turn drastically slow you down. This leads to you living an imbalanced life, which will lead to difficulties in different aspects of your existence.


The Quality of Your Health Drops

Our health is a very good indicator of how well we are living. Most of the time, it’s proven that a healthy person leads a balanced life. A healthy mix of happiness, sadness, accomplishments, failure, etc. It’s all in there.

When we lead an imbalanced life, our health is the first to suffer. Stress manifests itself via disease, fatigue and other health issues. Overworking yourself puts too much pressure on your body, physically and mentally, resulting in health complications.


Family Bonds are Left Uncared for

A family is one of the most important social relationships that we have. They are the first social group we belong to and the first people we’ve encountered. The bond we have with them is vital because they are the ones who nurture and help us grow.

Giving your all in life is definitely the way to go, however, it could also lead you down the path of an imbalanced life if you do not ensure that you are giving equal amounts of yourself to all the important facets of life. Neglecting family for work will only disconnect you further and create substantial health issues, especially mental health.


You Could Lose Your Friends

Friends are the second most important social group that we have. They are the people we can goof around with, the ones we can share our opinions with, the shoulders we cry on and have fun times with. They’re the ones that know who we truly are and accept every fibre of our being.

But putting so much time on your ambitions and not delegating some for your friends, you’ll end up risking the friendship. Just like any relationship, friendship requires understanding, trust, compromise and especially time. Friendship hugely relies on communication and connection. You won’t be able to connect and communicate with your buddies if you don’t even have a couple minutes to spare.

It may seem logical that the more effort and more time spent on your goals equals a better result, but no. Life doesn’t work that way. The tiny distractions, the small laughter, the glint of fun and the pinch of rest that we get are very important. Living a balanced life will bring you closer to your goals and simultaneously, enrich your experience with memories of happiness.