Food as Fuel

How do you view food?

Do you see it as something to fill the hole that gurgles and groans when it is empty?

Is it something to reward or treat yourself with?

Or do you see food as fuel for the body that enables it to perform at an optimal level, maintain good health and combat chronic disease and illnesses? 

Our bodies are like cars……they need the right fuel to perform, they need to move regularly, and they need regular maintenance. Without these things our bodies, like cars, will become run down, develop chronic problems and lack energy and performance.

The big difference is that you can buy a new car, but you only get one body! 

Good health comes from putting the right fuel into your body so that your internal engine runs smoothly. Would you fill your beloved car with dirt and rubbish?

So why is it that so many people fill their bodies with processed foods, sugars and trans fats?

Whatever you fill your body with influences the way that you feel one way or another so why not choose nutritious foods – fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, legumes and quality animal protein – that will increase your energy levels, build strong defences against chronic disease and illness, and provide optimal health for both mind and body!!