Five Elements

The Five Elements

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Most of us see skin, hair and eyes… We fail to see what’s beyond the physical.

When we only see the physical we can become extremely disconnected to who we are, we become judgemental and harsh on ourselves.

This is not how we are mean to live. Learning about the five elements is an opportunity for you  to discover who you are and look beyond what you see in the mirror.

The five elements offer insight into the subtle energies of nature and the subtle energy of our own human existence.

Everything in the universe exists because of the dance and love story of the 5 elements, and, if the 5 elements did not exist, nor would anything else. 

The 5 elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, are present within us all in completely unique quantities. No two of us have the same elemental energetic makeup just as no two of us have the same fingerprint.

When we begin to learn about these different energies we can sense into ourselves better; we know when we’re tipping off balance so that we hopefully, don’t fall off the ledge and have to climb all the way back up. 

We harness the power of these energies to rise into our beauty and essentially our souls purpose.

We’ll learn how we can use the knowledge of these five elements to create greater health and wellbeing for ourselves as well as understand the world and the people around us. 

We’ll move into story and honour the story of Shakti and Shiva so that we can explore the creation of the universe and the mystical mythology of these teachings. 

The five elements are the basis of Ayurveda

These elements are real in nature and energetically. If we feel heavy, stuck and unmotivated there is an imbalance in the Earth element.

If you are experiencing this, after the Collective you will have the understanding to rebalance the earth element to feel fresh, light and energetic again.

There is always an answer, nothing is a coincidence.

We are divine nature. 

Written by Holly Cootes


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