Feeling Overloaded and Over Stimulated?

Learn How to Connect and Stay Grounded!

Close your eyes and go back to a time when you felt connected with nature, and imagine that you’re reliving the experience in your mind. Were you in a forest, hiking and feeling the ragged bark with your fingers? Were you at the beach, playing washing machine with the waves and getting your sun kissed?

Wherever you were, the feeling of being revitalized and losing all the stress of everyday life is something you never forget. Here are some of our favourite ways to help you reconnect and stay grounded with nature.


Walk Barefoot

Walking barefoot is one of the best ways that you can quickly reconnect with nature. It’s a way for you to slow down from the rushed lifestyle and just take a couple of seconds to feel and notice nature beneath your feet. Thich Nhat Hanh says that it’s like “…kissing the Earth with your feet,” allowing you to remember your innate bond with nature.


Make Contact with Mother Nature

Allow yourself to just go outside, take off your shoes and socks, and let the grass tickle the soles of your feet. If you get the chance to touch, or hug a tree, then go ahead and do it. Dip your finger into a pond, or lake, when you chance upon one. Actively take the initiative to make contact with nature, wherever you may be.


Take Nature Indoors

One of the simplest way that you can connect with nature is simply by bringing it into your home. All you have to do is buy a flower vase and put some flowers in it. Buy indoor plants and welcome in some sunlight to naturally brighten up the whole place. Our favourite are Fig Leaf, Rubber Plant and Monstera.


Get Dirty

Don’t be afraid to get your hands in the dirt while tending to your garden. If you don’t have a garden or a veggie patch then you can just play in the dirt and make some mud pies in the park or anywhere that has soil. Digging your hands into soil helps make you feel that you are one with the Earth.


Allow Nature to Say “Good Morning”

Before the sun rises is one of the most sacred times of the day. This is the time when birds are singing, the sun is shining through your windows, the dews still sparkle, and everything is unhurried and tranquil. Wake up with nature and allow yourself to breathe the experience in.

Take time for yourself to find a way to reconnect every time you have the opportunity. You’ll eventually be able to connect to your nature without any effort, and in no time, you’ll no longer find yourself disconnected from nature’s grounding and nurturing energy.


Written by Melinda