Do You Flex Your Most Important Muscle?

Ever wondered what successful, happy, thriving people have in common? They LOVE themselves, unconditionally!! Sounds corny I know, but it’s the truth!

Some of us live in a state of self-loathing and are suffering from comparisonitis. You know those days when looking in the mirror, the negative self-talk goes on a tangent and all of a sudden you hate yourself because of the jar of Nutella you polished off last night? This is the opposite of self-love. Do you look at happy people and instantly feel annoyed, maybe even envious wishing you were that happy? Well, guess what? You CAN be that happy! Everything you need to be that happy and successful is already within YOU! Do you want to know a secret? True, lasting happiness is internal and that’s why flexing your self-love muscle is imperative to your wellbeing and happiness.

Here are my favourite ways to practice self-love

  1. Stop letting your ego run the show

    Turn your ego down or if you can off! Your ego is your inner critic. The one that tells you, ‘you’ll be happy when you lose a couple of kilos,’ ‘when you have a bigger house’, ‘the newer car.’ We all know that voice. It’s the same voice that says ‘you’re not pretty, skinny or smart enough.’ The voice that tells us ‘to quit so you don’t fail.’ Your ego only looks out for itself, not you. My best advice is to first become aware of your ego, acknowledge that it’s not you and then kindly and gently shut the door on it.

  2. Get on your mat

    Yoga is not just exercise. It’s a powerful tool and science that transforms your life from the inside out. Not only will yoga get your cells buzzing at a higher frequency it will also help you cultivate and flex your self-love muscle. One of yoga’s key concepts is mastery of the mind. One of the many benefits of yoga is that your ego no longer controls your life. It still pops up but when it does you are no longer consumed by it. You can act from a place of love towards yourself and others. I know I’m a much happier person to be around when I practice yoga because I am happy from within., even with the extra 2 kilos!!!

  3. Sit in stillness

    When you meditate you sit quietly with your full self. Meditation helps you deal with situations, experiences and emotions that you label as negative or ‘bad’. Often we get angry about something and then become even angrier with ourselves for being angry in the first place! Meditation teaches you how to love all of you, in every moment, even when it’s not pretty.

  4. Create a self-love ritual

    Take an extra 2 minutes each day to love yourself up. This can be as simple as massaging your body with coconut oil before you go to bed each night and whilst you’re doing that thank your body for the amazing life it has given you. One of my self-love rituals that I practice every morning is the Ayurvedic practice of tongue scrapping!! This takes me 30 seconds each morning and I feel better about it.

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