Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy you ask?

Cupping therapy involves the use of cups to create a vacuum on a person’s skin. Unlike all other therapies that apply downward pressure this reverse pressure pulls UP on tight, deep muscle tissue.

But why tho?

Cupping is amazing at releasing stagnant blood and allows lymph to flow freely…this can only be a good thing right?

Yes it certainly is.

By increasing the body’s circulation of fluids in this way we are able to help your body move oxygen and nutrients to your sore and tight muscles to help nourish them and promote detoxification and healing.
Cupping is also fantastic at lengthening fascia and muscle fibres by pulling up and stretching out, no other therapy is as effective at releasing the bodies’ tissues in this way. It’s like a beautiful stretch but you aren’t lifting a finger, the cups do all the stretching and lengthening for you whilst you chill on the massage table.

Not sure about those marks?
Cupping can leave markings on the body, but not always, these are nothing to worry about let me assure you.
These marks are often mistaken for bruising…BUT bruising essentially is caused by painful trauma onto the body.
On the flip side cupping marks are caused by upward suction and are simply a sign of the stagnant blood being moved to the surface of the skin.
These marks generally fade quite quickly but depending on the issue they can stick around for a bit. BUT DON’T WORRY, this just means the therapy is still underway and your body is doing its thing to remove all that crap out of your muscles.
Your therapist is a very clever cookie and can read your marks like a little tale of what is happening in those muscle fibres…
For example: If the mark contains dark almost black spots it indicates you have had a nasty tight area for a long time, and alternately if you throw at us a bright red mark with bright red spots we know that you have a fairly new fresh sore spot in that muscle

Want to give this amazing treatment a go?

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