Creating Daily Ritual




Learning to move and live with the rhythms of nature helps us to stay connected to who we are. Essentially at our core we are the essence of life itself, of mother nature. To live a life of abundance we must connect back to her. She is part of us, and us a part of she. 


We have spent far too long creating daily rituals that go completely against our own daily rhythms. Things like watching netflix til 10pm at night, sitting in bed checking emails, scrolling the gram, getting up well past the sun, staying up til all hours of the morning… We can get away with this every now and then, but there comes a time when our body will send us signals to come back to alignment and abundance. 



We are truly incredible beings.


Our body is ALWAYS trying to come back to balance and heal. We are extremely resilient. It’s never too late to undo a bad habit.




In this Collective we will look into the Ayurvedic knowledge which teaches us the wisdom of our inner and outer cyclic nature. The best way to connect to her rhythms is through our own daily ritual. This week we are chatting about Dinacharya, Ayurvedic practice of daily routine. I’ll also be sharing some tips to help you transition from the depths of Winter into the beauty of Spring. 



I know sometimes the thought of creating a daily routine is extremely daunting. I get it. I used to feel the same and instead of making one small change, I thought it would be easier to continue with my habits that I knew were serving my highest self. We are the small things we do consistently that we sometimes overlook as being impactful. In the wellness industry there’s definitely a lot of pressure to have your ‘morning routine’ down pat. I’m not about that. Life needs to flow, we can’t change life to fit our daily rituals. It’s time we learn to adjust our rituals to fit our life.

Holly Cootes is one of a kind, she is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and Ayurvedic coach located here in Redhead, Newcastle.


The Collective

Thursday the 27th of August, at 6.30pm on Facebook LIVE