Chakras and Energy Blocks

Think of your body like a Wheel.


A wheel with many spinning centres (energy)
If we are driving our car and we start to get a flat tyre, the rest of the car doesn’t drive straight…eventually if left unattended, the car will not run at all forcing us to fix the problem of the flat tyre so that we can find balance again.
Our Energy Centres are just that, the word Chakra, means Wheel.  In order for us to function as our highest self, these Energy locations in the body, must be functioning evenly for us to feel centered, energetic, in flow and confident.
I’m going to keep this pretty simple. It’s definitely a topic where we could dive right in however on Thursday, we are going to break down just what these ‘wheels’ do in our body, how they affect our physiological, mental and emotional state, and then of course, how to recognize a “flat tyre” and help bring your vehicle back into a state of flow and balance.

Just like a car, if one wheel is flat the WHOLE car is affected.  Same goes with us.

If we are having issues around our Pelvic and hip area, this is going to have a knock on affect on the rest of our body and mind.


Spritual Gangster or Science Supporter, anyone can benefit from this little conversation on checking in with our own Vehicle (body) recognizing the signs and symptoms that present physically such as knee pain, tight hips, pain in the lower back, bloating, throat dryness or colds, headaches or nasal issues and then learning how that is intertwined with emotions, mental states, our vibration and our choices up until this moment.

Lets get real and raw as we unpack and explain in simple terms how we can gain a better understanding and awareness on what our bodies try to tell us as we negotiate our way through the ups and downs of life!

Sharing teachings from Dr Joe Dispenza, Louise Hay and Anodea Judity.
Thursday 14th of May, 6.30pm on Facebook LIVE or watch the playback
Written by Meg Linton