Calm Achiever


Lockdown had us all stop and breathe.

Something we have needed for a while.


But now life is to some extent normal, and to avoid re-entering a state of frazzle, applying a few simple strategies to our daily routine will allow us to continue to move forward collectively without the constant state of overwhelm and anxiety our culture was experiencing.


I use to get sooo overwhelmed. I used that word constantly…

“Ah ma God, I am sooo busy. I am so overwhelmed” … I sounded like a total diva who didn’t have her shit together.


I have since learnt busy, is another word for unfocused and unorganised.

Overwhelm is another word for imbalanced.


I have always been an efficient and productive person. But I use to come from a place of frazzle. And when we come from this place, we get exhausted.


I had to learn to be a calm achiever. I had to learn how to say no and I had to learn when to ask for help.


I truly believe there is a healthy middle ground. One where we are not exhausting ourselves from overdrive and overachieving but we are also not stuck in that state of comfort telling ourselves we are nurturing ourselves as a cop out to not power ahead with our dreams and purpose in life.


In this week’s Collective I will share my seven top tips for feeling calm and productive.


They are super simple and once you make them a no brainer, you will find new passion for what you choose to do with your time and gratitude for your experiences.


A quick sneak peak of my seven top tips to cure feeling frazzled…



  • Fall in love with stress


  • You do have time


  • Juggling balls


  • Action not procrastination


  • Bring the right energy


  • Multitask like a boss


  • Prioritise


Life is supposed to be fun (and challenging). When you have a little structure, it means you have more energy to enjoy it and more space available for when things get tough.

Cant wait to share.

Melinda xo