Body Yantra

What is required for us to truly feel balanced, clear, whole and even healed?

In my experience we feel all of these beautiful things when we have and understanding of two things.

The first is to believe that they are even possible.

We must learn to look for the part of ourselves that is already balanced, clear, whole and healed.

That part of us exists always, it never goes away. The more we look for these qualities and believe they are there, we will feed these parts of ourselves.

What we look for, we feed. What we focus on grows. Where our attention goes, our Prana goes.

This is the first piece to the puzzle of feeling damn good. Of thriving, and truly living.

The second piece is having a calm and functioning nervous system. We are designed to handle stress and our systems are so good at releasing that stress so we can continue thriving.

However, we’ve learnt not to release that stress. We’ve been shown only how to hold on, how to be fearful and worried… Because everything is at our fingertips these days it means stress comes to us at lighting bold speed and affects our system far too easily.


Over years and years of this happening we start to feel cracks in our health and wellbeing including our mental and physical health. So how do we teach ourselves to live more effortlessly and more often in a nurturing, supportive internal landscape?

We learn by entering into relationship with the architecture of our bones…

My teacher, Katie Silcox, taught me Body Yantra and it is one of the most potent practices I’ve experienced in creating a sacred environment where my soul is able to flourish.

A ‘Yantra’ is sacred geometry. It is an expression of the Divine, not separate but the Divine itself.

Just like the rays of the sun are part of the sun, Yantra is a sacred geometrical expression of the Sacred Divine, God or Source. A Body Yantra is meditation on the Sacred geometry of our structure, our bones.

Most of us have never even thought about our bones beyond the fact that it is our skeleton and it’s anatomical function. Your bones have the power to create this divine internal landscape and when out of balance can also influence and trigger the stress response.

Body Yantra will guide you through your bones in a powerful way to help widen, move and open your structure.

When our bones are no longer collapsing or compressing, our nervous system is liberated and finally able breathe again.

When this happens our physical body thrives, our energetic body thrives and most importantly our mental body thrives and finds harmony.

Holly Cootes

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher