Body Types, and how they interact with the seasons



The Health Types and how they interact with the seasons…

 I am so very excited to bring you this coming collective focusing on the Health Types and how each can thrive throughout the seasons. I’ll be having a look at the impact of climate and our physical environment on our bodies.


I’ve just completed my course in Personalised Health and loved every minute!


One of the highlights of this course for me was seeing the way the use of modern and ancient medicines and science are used in perfect balance to assess and treat each and every individual as just that…a unique and special being with their own special needs and health requirements.


It’s such great timing bringing this Collective to you as we are just about to launch Personalised Health within Health by Design at the Sanctuary.


During this collective I’m going to very briefly cover again the different Health Types as Melinda and I have in previous collectives. If you can give these another watch prior to this weeks collective so you are familiar with these different types and how they manifest.


I’ve also popped in here a link: so you can conduct the Health Type quiz for yourself! You will then be able to really gain some helpful little tips that you can start implementing into your life as you join me this Thursday.

Below for you is a little teaser of what is to come. Each of the Health Types with a little explanation of what environments each thrive in.


Moisture and cool air is so important for these guys!

A moist, cool to temperate environment is so ideal for the Diplomat. It is so detrimental for a Diplomat to be constantly exposed to dry air and hot climates. Dippy’s love to be cool and love to be in nature. They suffer so much in the winter as they are constantly exposed to drying heating and lack of fresh air from being stuck indoors.



Cold is awesome!

These guys are the people that you see walking around in t shirts and shorts in the depths of winter. They simply thrive in a cool environment and suffer when they are exposed to too much heat. The Guardians are the most robust of the Health Types when it comes to exposure to the cold.




More warmth please NOW!

I can relate! Being a Sensor myself this time of year I am often cold and can’t warm myself up. Physiologically and mentally it is so important for Sensor’s to be warm. The impact on the gut for example is huge. If a Sensor is constantly cold and cannot warm up digestion suffers. The winter is a challenge for us Sensor’s, as we love to be warm at all costs.




The fresher the better, and some warmth please too.

Crusaders need to be exposed to fresh air but the cold and wind are some of the elements they are particularly sensitive to. Excess humidity and stuffiness can feel claustrophobic and stifling so being constantly inside and not getting their fresh air can be so frustrating for them. It is so important their bodies stay warm too as their spine is most susceptible to injury and stiffness in the cold.



Dry hot and sunny places with lots of space to move and be active.

This Health Type loves dry hot climates. They love the sun and wide open spaces so they can keep active and keep moving. As movement is so important for an Activator they need to ensure that even in the winter and cold months when we wind down and cocoon inside, that they are still able to get the heck out there and move their bodies




The solar powered Health Type.

Out of all of the types the Connector is the one that suffers the most on an emotional and physiological level from the lack of the sun. They are a robust Health Type and can cope in the cold and fresh weather but their bodies and minds literally crave the sunlight. A Mediterranean climate is ideal for the Connector.



Do the Health Type quiz and see if any of the above you can relate to!


As I’ve mentioned above the science behind the Health Types is extensive and really draws on both Western and Eastern/Modern and Ancient wisdoms. As an added bonus within this Collective I’ll also have a quick look at some of the pathogens and environmental factors each of the Types are susceptible to from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.


I’m so looking forward to exploring these topics with you in much more depth on Thursday night.

Much love
Bron xx


The Collective, Thursday 30th of July 6.30pm on Facebook LIVE