Be in the Moment

“Be in the moment,” is a phrase you’ve probably heard more than a few times and you might even feel like it has become a bit of a cliché. But despite it being thrown around like confetti, only a few of us have perhaps actually  experienced the profound lesson it teaches.

Unfortunately, most of us are often lost in our thoughts. We’re either stuck in the past, or daydreaming about the future, when what we came here for is to be living in the now; what we came here to do is to be in the moment. If you are looking for ways to “be in the moment”, more, keep reading as we have just what you need to help you be more in tune with the present moment.


Take a Refreshing Shower

One of the most effective way to immerse yourself with the present is to take a shower. Feel every droplet of water refreshingly kiss your skin. Observe the intensity of its contact on your body. Feel its temperature. To add more to the experience, you can try hanging some lavender or eucalyptus from the showerhead, allowing you to enjoy its scent to help you relax and be more in the moment. It’s also an amazing way to shift your energy from your mind and into your body at the end of your day.


Slow Down and be One with Nature

Spending some time with nature is a good way to be able to live more in the present. A nice walk to your nearest park, or maybe a bit of hiking, can definitely help. It is during these times when you create the opportunity to stop and look at the trees, and how their green leaves glisten, to stop and smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers, and to breathe in nature itself.


Listen to Music

The simple act of listening to your favorite tunes is also a great method to help you live in the now. After all, music has the ability to touch our souls and deliver to us a sense of aliveness and bliss. It lifts our moods right away, bringing a sense of wholeness to our being, and in a moment, we forget about the past and the future, with only the present moment surrounding us.


Free Yourself from Your Current Surroundings for a While

There are times when we get trapped with our current surroundings, which causes our minds to drift off. It’s necessary to let our minds take a break for a while, and to consciously help refresh it. Getting out from where you currently are helps a lot, and gives our minds the much needed rest it needs. This only helps you focus more on what’s happening in front of you, helping you be more in the present time.

With the many things running in our minds, being in the moment may seem extremely difficult. However, just like anything it takes practice and patience.