At War with Our Bodies

To all the women… are you at war with your body?



Let’s start to question why. Where has this belief come from?



Are you ready to be honest with yourself?



What do you see each time you face yourself in that mirror?



Do you choose to judge yourself and compare to how you use to be or to others?



Do you choose to self sabotage on yourself and live in the constant state of “when I look like this I’ll be happy”?



Do you choose to constantly diet, chase a number on a scale or a dress size to fit into what you think a woman should look like?



Do you choose to start each day wishing you had a different body?



And do you choose to continue to keep practicing these above behaviours that support the belief that you are not enough as you are?



Truth? F*cking oath


It’s our choice as to how we see ourselves and what we decide to bring back to us each day. It’s all just energy and vibration. I’ll share one thing with you here that started to shift my shitty thoughts for good, with practice.

“What you seek is seeking you”- Rumi



You are entirely up to you. Your body is your vehicle to play, explore, create, be sexual, sensual, inquisitive, creative, energetic, and vibrant… if it’s not and you look at your body with hate, anger, shame, blame, worthlessness and self abandonment then let me remind you of something… It’s 2020. If Kayne can stand for president than YOU are capable of anything in these fascinating
If I can spend over 25 years of hating my body from anorexia, bulimia, body shaming and aorthrexia (clean eating addiction) to slowly, but surely, change my brain to shift from body bullying to acceptance and kindness…. then I guarantee you can too

It’s starts with surrendering my friend, and it must start with you


… Meg Linton

Thursday the 16th of July, 6.30pm

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