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Treating each individual with unique and personalised care

How often do you see an eating plan or exercise regime work for someone, and you try it for yourself only to be disappointed with your results.. or lack of??

We see this all the time.

You are unique. Your body changes throughout your life, so what worked in the past may not work for you now.

We know this.

How often do you sit in a consult and all you focus on is what is WRONG with your health and life?

What if you flipped that on its head?

What if you stopped copying what works for others and be guided to what will work best for your unique gene structure and microbiome?

What if your therapists focused on what is RIGHT in your life?

This is what Health by DESiGN is all about.

A sneak peak into what your online coaching looks like...

PLUS one months access to

Sanctuary at HOME;

Livestream and on demand classes in;

          • Fitness
          • Pilates
          • Yoga
          • Meditation
          • Philosophy
          • Health Education
          • Specialised Programs

You are an individual and your program will be as unique as you are.

Bron will discuss with you how you WANT to feel and what kind of life you want to be living.

She will combine intuition and the science of your Unique Body Type to structure a 3 month plan for you.

The hard work is then taken out off your hands;

Bron will liaise with all the relevant staff within the Sanctuary to ensure you have your program implemented for you. From;

        • Reiki Healings
        • Naturopathic Appointments
        • Coaching
        • Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching
        • Massage
        • A Variety of Fitness Classes
        • Yoga & Pilates
        • Meditation
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There is no need to make appointments, it is all done for you.

Bron will facilitate the entire plan.

You will earn exclusive Sanctuary Rewards Points to redeem as discounts on all your services.

Costs will vary, as each program will be as different as the individual.

During your program Bron will continuously check in to ensure you are feeling supported and happy with your progress.

Feel free to contact Bron at any stage during your 3 month plan with any queries; she is here to offer support and guidance.




Discover where on the PH

wheel you sit and learn

how best to nurture

your natural strengths.

Meet Bron

Bron is our Therapist Coordinator at the Sanctuary.

Her passion is to help others and to truly support them in all facets of their being. She gets a kick out of witnessing the positive changes in her clients post treatment and the ripple effect of this into their daily lives.

With many years experience as a massage therapist and more recently, reiki practitioner, she is known for her ability to tap into what you are needing in any given moment.

From Bron, "I love that I can truly care for people and empower them to connect to the deepest part of themselves to bring about healing and balance emotionally, physically and spiritually".

As Therapist Coordinator she is expanding our Therapies department so that we are able to provide diverse and truly holistic experiences and support for our clients and members.

"I see the Sanctuary as being leaders in our community in this way and aim to create a team of people that have this same vision and a strong passion and genuine love for what they do" Much love, Bron

Holly Cootes:
A beautiful, gentle soul, Holly’s love for true connection is inspirational. With extensive experience as a yoga instructor and a practicing reiki and ayurvedic coach, she is able to support others to find connection to themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Simone Hollier:
Naturopath to Naturopaths. Simone’s knowledge of all things health and wellness are next to none. She has passion for her work and is inspired to help others feel the best they possibly can using the gifts that nature has given us to support healing and well-being.

Meg Linton:
The movement guru. Meg’s extensive knowledge on the body and how it needs to move to flourish on all levels is extensive. Her fun energy and zest for life are infectious and her philosophies on living life beautifully and to its fullest are inspiring.

Bec Stone:

A kind heart, Bec's truly caring and intuitive approach to massage is next to none. Her extensive knowledge of the body and her skill set will ensure your treatment with her is beneficial both energetically and physically.

Brianna Kennedy;


29 Kalaroo Road Redhead NSW 2290