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I found the health and wellness space over 10 years ago, which led me to my first yoga teacher training. My journey developed with a further understanding of the yoga practices into the breath, meditation practices, and the ethical observances off the mat. My quest for optimal health and living led me on a journey changing many lifestyle habits to leading a more low-tox, eco conscious, wellness centred lifestyle where I believe our bodies are innately intelligent and self healing. My teacher trainings over the years have ebbed and flowed now sitting more in the pre/postnatal space alongside my "other baby" in hypnobirthing and birth education. For me, well~ness is all encompassing, leading a life where physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is optimised.



Pilates Instructor

If you’ve been coming to the sanctuary for a while, chances are you’ve seen Ash on the mat next to you! Seeing the difference pilates and general exercise made in her pregnancy and postpartum recoveries, it became her mission to learn more about movement so she could help others be the best (strongest) version of themselves. A certified Mat (and Reformer) Pilates instructor, Ash’s classes are strong and dynamic, suited to all bodies and experience levels - exercises start with a basic movement pattern, layered to build intensity and complexity. Also a fan of using props and the Ballet Bar, there is never a dull moment (literally and physically) prepare to feel the burn and have a laugh along the way!



Yoga Teacher | Massage therapist | Reiki & Acutonics practitioner 

Emily came into teaching yoga back in 2012 because the ancient teachings and practices changed her life. It gave her something to anchor to and she just had to share these practices with others. 
Since then she has become a massage therapist, practicing remedial, relaxation, pregnancy, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage styles, alongside reiki healing, acutonics and astrology readings. 




A long-term student of Buddhist and Yogic inner methods, Hannah has been teaching since 2013 and is a Senior Level 3 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia. She attended her first yoga class at age 10 and practiced meditation in her 20's as an antidote to working for various environmental campaigns. But it wasn't until, when faced with a cancer diagnosis, at age 29 the practice became a non-negotiable part of daily life.

She brings warmth, practicality and her own life experiences to her teaching and 1-1 consultation as a trauma-informed Yoga Therapist, helping those facing the uncertainty of anxiety/depression, chronic illness and chronic pain. Having personally experienced these conditions she is 'fascia-nated' with the way the body holds onto past experiences and how consciousness communicates with us through the language of sensation. Combining yoga, somatic psychotherapy, myofascial release and meditation, her classes and sessions take you on a journey through the bodyscape to uncover your own conscious awareness.

She completed 500hr Hatha Yoga and 650hr Yoga Therapy training locally through Yogic Wisdom and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training through Mindfulness Training Institute Australasia. She has also trained extensively internationally in Somatic Trauma Therapies including Polyvagal Theory, Myofascial Release, Yin Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. In 2015, Hannah was selected to be part of the world’s largest Mindfulness summit, a free online event with 31 of the world’s leading teachers, researchers and experts from around the globe.



Yoga Teacher

I just love what I do. It's a big part of who I truly am and allows me, now especially, after many years of growing and learning, to combine my spiritual beliefs with my creativity and passions enabling the physical embodiment of all of these practices.
It's amazing that I get to share my passions, creativity and soul purpose with so many beautiful souls, through teaching Yoga and Meditation, holding Woman's Circles, offering Aromatherapy, Healings and Readings from my very own Aroma Ritual cards.
What I do creates community and like minded friendships, brings Healing to myself and others around me. It brings Joy, Happiness and Wellbeing, providing sacred space and time for all to find their own essence, to relax and restore, to nourish and nurture all. Body Mind Spirit.



Yoga Teacher | Reiki & Ayurveda 

I believe every one of us has the opportunity to experience great peace, wellbeing and success. For years I’ve had a strong desire to guide people to back to who they are through the practice and integration of Yoga and Ayurveda.Many of us are told who we should be and we spend years covering up our self essence because we didn’t even know it existed in the first place let alone feel safe enough to share it.My experience practicing and teaching yoga and Ayurveda has shown me that when we begin to get glimpses of our innate wisdom, we truly start to evolve and transform into our potential. From that seed of peace we can achieve greatness.Yoga has introduced me to me.... the power of knowing myself and the world around me.My favourite thing about this work is that I get to guide people to a place where they have the opportunity to feel into the spark of who they are. That spark shows us that there is more to who we are than we once believed.It’s magic to watch people feel fulfilled and happy.



Fitness Instructor

I’m married with 3 daughters and participated in group fitness for about 15 years before I ‘bit the bulletin ’ and decided to do my Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness, an industry that I have now worked in for 18 years. Most of my work has been in group fitness as I love it!I have also done many years of personal training and worked as an exercise therapist at hydrotherapy classes. There are many reasons why I take group fitness classes, too many to mention, but mainly I still do it because I love it and I love the social aspect and getting to know all the participants. I hope I help them to enjoy group fitness as much as I do and to realise the benefits of exercise!



Yoga & Pilates Teacher

I’m Mikeala, a Yoga and Pilates Teacher with a passion for all things pregnancy as a student doula. 

My classes are intuitively lead making each class one of a kind. I strive to always offer options, allowing you to meet yourself where you’re at physically, emotionally and mentally in the moment. 


Community is key for me! I love that in the right space a Yoga, Pilates or fitness class can bring together so many beautiful souls from all walks of life, to be able to move and breath together which allows space for greater connections to form off the mat. I look forward to meeting you with a smile and open arms, to guide you back to yourself. 



Yoga Teacher

Bec is a joyful and nurturing yoga teacher. For Bec, yoga is about developing a deeper connection with self, community, and our Earth. In her classes she draws on inspiration from her love of the ocean and the natural environment. Bec is a mother and very close with her family; you will see this shine through in her classes and her nurturing approach. 

Bec has a deep love for the Redhead Wellness Sanctuary and its wonderful community. Interestingly, Bec returned from completing her first yoga teacher training in India only days before the Sanctuary first opened and has been teaching here ever since! She originally trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga with ‘Radhika Yoga’. Bec has continued to expand her knowledge by attending many workshops, retreats and trainings. This includes Yin yoga, with the primary focus being on Traditional Chinese Medicine. She brings to each class a creative infusion of breath and movement, with a passion for creating space for relaxation, reflection and inner warmth. 



Yoga & Movement Teacher

I have been teaching various kinds of yoga for over 8 years. I consider myself first and foremost a student and am still very much learning and seeking.

Through yoga I found a re-connection to my true self and the world around me. The practice of Yoga has taught me so much, it keeps me grounded and gives me acceptance and compassion and this is what I endeavour to share with my students. 

The practice of movement is great for building strength, hand eye coordination, play, resilience and longevity. Through movement I want to help students to feel better in their bodies and have fun doing it.



Yoga & Movement Teacher

I want to provide an opportunity and space for you to retrieve what you need from your yoga and  movement practice. A space to relax. A space to build strength. A space to develop flexibility. A space to breath. A space to surrender.

When Lindsay is not teaching you will find him riding his bike or doing  Acroyoga in the park.



Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Cristina has been practicing Yoga for 11yrs.  She found her way to her first Hot Yoga class looking to help heal physical injuries.  She fell in love instantly with how it made her feel.  18mths after her first class she made the decision to share the many benefits with others so undertook her first teacher training in 2012.  
What began as a love for the physical aspect soon shifted as she realised how it made her feel emotionally and spiritually.  
Cristina enjoys sharing her love of creating a seamless flowing style of practice infused with strength and core focus, centred around the most important part being the quality of each breath which anchors the mind in the present moment.
She is also trained in and enjoys teaching Yin Yoga, which allows space to calm the nervous system, to replenish and nurture the body at a cellular level and ease the busy mind.
Aside from Yoga, you'll likely find Cristina outdoors doing what she loves, hiking, trail running, SUP, swimming, cycling which led her to complete a Cert III in Outdoor Leadership in June 2022.



Pilates Teacher

As a dancer from a young age, I was introduced to the modality of Pilates before I went to high school! I’ve always had a love for sharing with others and decided to bring my knowledge of the body from my professional dance practice and occupational therapy studies into one! 


My favorite thing to teach is “movement restoration” or “prehab”. I really believe with the hustle and bustle of everyday life our body takes a beating and can sometimes be pushed to the side (especially when there’s little ones to look after!). Taking the time to give back to your body and fix faulty movement patterns can help your body smile, and enable you to move the way you want too! 



Fitness Instructor

Hi, I am Bri, your #1 hype girl, fitness and mindset coach. My mission is to help bring out the best in you, push your limits and bring fun into your training with effective and progressive workouts to reach your true potential. I love all things health & fitness ,adventure, travelling and being outdoors. I love a good boogie and my classes usually end up a 50/50 split of me coaching, dancing and laughing so expect to get in an effective session where we work hard but also don't take things too seriously because I believe if you can’t have fun whilst doing it than you’re doing it wrong ;). 



Fitness Instructor

Emma’s passion for fitness spans two decades, and has only deepened over the years. Whether it be cycling, running, ocean swimming, group fitness, yoga, or carting her two toddlers around Lake Mac, loves physical activity in all its forms. Over the past five years yoga and group fitness has been a focus for Emma, with an emphasis on moving with purpose and injury prevention. This is experienced by participants as functional movement and assistance with correct form that translates to improvements in participants’ real world activities. She has a strong belief that exercise is essential for good physical and mental health, and you will notice a clear focus on the mind-body connection in Emma’s classes.

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