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You can either book your classes through our website on the homepage booking widget, or for a more comprehensive experience download the MINDBODY app from the App Store, create a free login, search "Redhead Wellness" under business search and you can easily book classes and make appointments for our many services. Or alternatively, you can access our MINDBODY site on your web browser by clicking the button below. 



First mobility. Then we move. A short, interval based session designed to get the heart pumping, the body moving and the mover, you, feeling good! Timing of intervals between 15 and 30 seconds with repetitive and simple movements. A mixture of bodyweight, weighted, and compression (core) based movements. All levels. Always modifications.


Getting out of the box. Exploring new ways to move the body 3 dimensionally. Not only will you help your nervous system regulate, you will increase strength, improve balance, find mobility and most importantly, have fun!


This class gives a new perspective on what core strength and mobility really means. It combines the fundamentals of Pilates, ballet and light resistance training which will tone, sculpt and lengthen your muscles. This class will transform your balance and strength, modifications are made to suit all levels.


A bands resistance class is one of those sweet spot classes. You can feel muscles you didn’t know existed, but there’s also space for you to breathe through the movement and execute with good technique and form. A must for all ages and stages.


Strength & tone is a low impact weights based class. We push the muscles to increase your muscle endurance and tone with a variety of easy to follow exercises. Suitable for all levels.


Old School Aerobics combines aerobics, interval training and strength training to challenge your whole body. High impact and low impact options will be offered to make this class suitable for all fitness levels.


Cardio and fitness interval training on the bike. A fantastic way to improve fitness & burn loads of calories while pumping the pedal to upbeat music.


Kick, punch and sweat your way to a fitter and stronger you. Boxing is a great stress reliever and one of the best workouts you will do. Come with or without a partner.


Hatha Yoga is a traditional practice of yoga that's main intention is to awaken the energy within the spine. 'Ha' means Sun and 'Tha' means moon. This speaks to the balance that hatha yoga brings to the solar (sun, active, hot, masculine) and lunar (moon, passive, cool feminine) energy. Through asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra and mudra hatha yoga brings harmony to the physical body, energy body and mind. It yokes together these opposing forces that are within us, and outside of us. 


Soul Soothe

This class is unique from any other Yoga class on our timetable. You will always have a different experience depending on the moon cycle and star alignment. Some weeks you may explore the power of chanting and mantras, and other weeks the essence of essential oils. This class explores a slower flow through Asanas incorporating the breath to flow with the movements of the body. All levels welcome.


Immerse yourself in a deeply nourishing, long held asana to activate specific meridians within the body. Poses are generally held for a few minutes or more to allow space for the fascia (connective tissue) within the body to release. The Yin practice cultivates awareness of our patterns and beliefs when we find stillness and is a deeply releasing practice both physically and emotionally.


Flow Yoga is a smooth series of yoga poses synchronized to breath. You may come onto the mat expecting a good stretch but you will soon find you’re getting a lot more from this ancient practise. Working with the rhythm of your breath, you’ll flow through creative yet simple movements to touch and challenge every part of your body. The class is the perfect start or ending to your day, it is suitable for those starting out and the committed Yogi alike.

Yin Yang

Yin Yang yoga is a beautiful way to balance out the dark and light sides we all have in our mind and in our bodies.This class explores both elements to help you to achieve balance through asanas, breath and meditation. The Yin element of the class will focus on creating deep flexibility and mental clarity. The yang side will have you flowing through asanas to increase strength and flexibility while focusing on your breath. Suitable for all levels.


Restorative yoga is a gentle yoga practice focusing on centring your breath and body – aligning the physical and mental by practising stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. This class is ideal for the yogi who needs to slow down or anyone needing a gentle practice. Suitable for all ages.

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