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Our Memberships

We have an array of memberships and single visit drop in options to suit your wellness when it suits you...  Join us for the first time and enjoy our intro visit offer for 14 days unlimited. Seniors, students, families, and corporate we've got you covered too. 

You can find more pricing info on our packages, single visits and direct debit memberships below, or if you'd enjoy a more personalised experience, book a Discover Sanctuary appointment to be greeted by a smiling face at the door, walk around the studio to feel more comfortable in our warm space, get to know the "what to do's" to ease any nerves you may have. We get it, starting something new is BIG, so we've got your back.

We use the 'Momence' software as our booking system. If it's your first time at The Sanctuary we suggest booking through the website, which will show options for your class from casual visit, 10 class packs, and even memberships. Once you've booked and been to a class we recommend downloading the Momence app from the app store to make your experience more user friendly. Click here to view all our options on the Momence site. 

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