Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Meet Melinda

Our founder, Melinda Carbis - Reilly spends most of her time behind the scenes these days, supporting our team and working on our big vision...

Changing the world, One community at a time.

She teaches some off our fitness, yoga and pilates classes,  so she can continue to connect with our beautiful members (a.k.a Sanctuary family) and uses her skill sets to create better approaches to health for you, a member of our tribe.

To learn more about Melinda, check her story, books and coaching out here. 

Projects she is currently working on...

Sunshine, Love & Sweat; Zero Carbon Future

That is right!! We are on a mission to have a zero footprint on our Mother Earth by 2022. We plan to inspire and educate our community on small but powerful tips that will make this mission easier for you too.

We know that it can be overwhelming, and sticking our head in the sand felt like the only option for us too, until we started researching and discovered it is achievable, with a little nous and commitment we can turn this world around. Together.



Holly and Meg are inspiring, knowledgeable and compassionate women with a gift... they can see what is needed to help you reach the next level in your life.

In 2020 these ladies will be sharing their light with small groups and individual clients online and in person.

Wellness Retreats

The Sanctuary was always intended to be more. More than a gym, studio or wellness clinic. We want to be there when you discover your true potential. We want to nurture you fully so you feel empowered and confident.

Our Wellness Retreats will be just that for you.

Expect love, care, space and compassion.

Expect to be challenged to see yourself bigger and brighter.

Prepare yourself to be freed from old stories, habits and patterns.

Our Wellness Retreat will offer you classes in yoga, fitness, Pilates and meditation.

Treatments from our Spa menu  and therapeutic range 

Relax with reiki and be informed with our naturopath.

And specialised group discussions and coaching sessions to improve the quality of your life. But most importantly, our take on wellness retreats, is for you to retreat. We will give you plenty of time and space to find yourself again.

Our first retreat will be in September 2020... watch this space.

and so much more...

The Collective

We are expanding the original concept of The Collective to give you more.
Not only are we offering this FREE event weekly in 2020... we are broadening the content to give you more education and drive in all areas of health and wellness.

Expect to see your fav's and more;

  • Home Remedies
  • Movement
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Philosophy
  • Hormones
  • Gut health
  • Family health
  • Zero footprint

and so much more...

Things She's Written...