Meg Linton

Meet Meg

Meg is an absolute fav amongst our members and staff. Her passion is unstoppable and knowledge base profound.

Meg teaches a kick arse fitness and boxing class and her soul sings when she teaches yoga.

But she is more than rock hard abs. She is a voice for our modern epidemic of self sabotage and self obsession. Meg shares her personal experiences with this fear driven mindset and helps children and adults alike to see themselves as the light they truly are.

This multi passionate human is there for you in many ways;

  • Classes
  • Personal training
  • Workshops
  • One on one coaching
  • Small group coaching

Her Signature program is Watch Ya Language.

Why Watch YA Language?

It all started when I changed my language. No Shit! (sorry!) but seriously…that was key. I had enough of the stories, enough of the narrative that I had run for too long, enough of the BS and decided to DO something about it and neurologically change it for good!

From over 25 years stuck in many Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Low Self Worth, Lack of Financial Abundance, Guilt, Shame, Blame, Fear, you name it, I was there. But you know what? I don’t believe I was alone…hence why Im here sharing with YOU, how you can Watch your Language Too!
Too often I see kids as young as 5 or 6, and grown adults (including the age of 95) be so unkind to themselves, think we are not enough, or hang on too long to an old story of shame, guilt or blame. These limiting beliefs are what holds us back. These stories and thoughts are created when we are young (from the ages of 0-7) and this becomes our program (just like a computer) In the world we are in today, nearly 95 percent of the time we are operating out of our Program (what has been learned/habitual) rather than our conscious mind (our creative and present self)
To change things, we need to be aware of our 'programs" acknowledge the pattern, the language or the habit, and start to interrupt it. This is what WYL is all about. Giving YOU the tools to become aware of your thoughts, patterns and habits so that you can start to change them for good...and you then set an example for those around you and what they see.
We are ALL here for a purpose, a reason, a gift that we can give back and serve. When we choose kindness we SHOW UP and we then lift our vibration to that of higher self worth…and when we do that as a community, we show the world that we are ready for more love. And THAT is how we heal the world and give back.

The stars have aligned and you are here…


Hell no! But why do we do it? Why do we drag ourselves through years of self sabotage, hate, eating disorders, body bullying, excessive exercising, draining diets, countless restrictions, calorie goals, inner thigh goals, picture editing, face tuning and constant comparison?

Why are we so hell bent on what others think of us, why do we people please all the time and fear the worst when (god forbid) we try something new and we may be judged. Why are we so damn scared all the time?

Look where we are. We are faced with over 500 images per day that shape our beliefs and our reality IF WE LET IT. All around us the world tells us we are not good enough as we are. We need this brand of shoes, this makeup, this dress size, this social status, this house in this suburb, this family with this many children and a white picket fence by the age of 30, this standard, this result, this image, this expectation, this judgemental and greedy world of money that only wants us to spend more so that we feel less and less empowered about ourselves.

And i was right there, right caught up in it all. Right caught up in my own pity party and stories of not being enough, not feeling accepted and in a constant day to day practice of people pleasing.

Oh hello Anorexia, Bulimia, Body Dysmorphia, Orthorexia and Anxiety.

That was a story. That is now irrelevant. What is important as the work I do now is based on that 25 year plus body and mind experience. That experience was a gift that I am so grateful to have gone through to be here today to open a space for the above. This is a space where I am so passionate about changing our language on a world wide scale, as that is how I shifted from my pattern and addictive eating patterns and self sabotage, to that place of compassion and kindness.

The world NEEDS US right now. Mother Nature is a little ‘pissed off’ so to speak, but we have the power to change it. When we are kind. When we stop acting out of our Ego and understand that we are all one, we are all connected, and we are all love…we show the Universe, God, Source, Divine…whoever you pray to, that we are SO DAMN WORTHY! This then allows us to shift our vibration on a bigger scale…a scale that can change the world!

So how does this change the world? By each of us coming back to a state of love and kindness…releasing judgement, letting go of being right, FORGIVING ourselves and releasing resentment and regret. If we allow ourselves to ACCEPT ourselves…we show up as our highest self and the universe will back us for that.
Kind is the way forward. Attacking anger with anger is not the answer. Not one of us is more powerful than another. We were born as a “no one” we will leave this life as a “no one” and this is an important part of watch ya language.

We take nothing with us in this lifetime…so why do we become so attached??

We are always receiving, never pushing away. So whatever energy we put out there, whether it is negative or positive…the Universe will send that back to us.

When we, You, Me, Your Kids, Your Family and the people around you start to shift our language, we can start to move forward together being kind. Imagine if Social Media only accepted comments and posts that lifted each other up, rather than gossip about others, belittle them, shame them or judge them…wouldn’t the world be an amazing place.

It starts with YOU.

And no. It didn’t happen overnight. In fact, its still a work in progress. Some days are harder than the others, but I know each day now that I am always growing. I am accepting of the hard days as I know they are my biggest teachers, and I am able to be there and walk with my feelings rather than shame them or hide them away.

This is from me to you. It melts my heart to see others change the way they talk to themselves, and it feels so much better! My work is not limited to small kids, Teens, Boys, Girls, Adutls and now Older Adults who are ready and willing to try on a new story for size and kick the old one to dust. To forgive, relesae, let go and create a story that will hold you and serve you from this moment forward. We are not bound by anything in our past, but it is UP to US to recognise the limiting belief, own up to it, and choose to give ourselves permission to free ourselves from our old patterns and wiring.

So here you are x


  • You are SO over talking to yourself like SHITE
  • Your kids are not sure how to back themselves, and are judging their bodies and acheivements to others
  • You are a people pleaser and its now time to do YOU!
  • You are ready to be Kinder to yourself and learn how to accept yourself AS YOU ARE!


  • A Passionate Yoga Teacher from Redhead Wellness Sanctuary, Personal Trainer, Co-Author of WYL Kids, and upside down enthusiast
  • An Ayurvedic, Yin Yoga, Functional Anatomy and Movement Student
  • A researcher of the Brain and Emotions, including our old patterns and addictions.
  • A drive for finding healthy movement for all, including body, mind and spirit.
  • A 38 year old inner child who is now exploring creativity, playfulness and curiosity every single day!