Holly Cootes

Meet Holly

Holly is one of those angelic souls that draws you in. Her quietly strong stance in her beliefs enables her clients the confidence they are in good hands.

Holly is a head yoga teacher here at the Sanctuary.

She has mastered the touch of Reiki and combined the science of Ayurvedic medicine and divine spiritual wisdom to develop group and one on one coaching programs. This is what she has to say about her approach to your wellness…

Coaching with Holly

As a society, we’re struggling with focus, creativity, anxiety, productivity and personal purpose.

We’re over scheduled, overwhelmed, overfed and under slept. We are deprived in almost every way.

This is generally speaking and maybe not all of these points apply to you right now… But through this was me and this is what I thought was normal because I saw everyone around me experiencing the same anxiety, the same busy-ness, tiredness, exhaustion, unhappiness…

And then I really started implementing Ayurveda into my life.