Holly Cootes

Meet Holly

Holly is one of those angelic souls that draws you in. Her quietly strong stance in her beliefs enables her clients the confidence they are in good hands.

Holly is our Yoga Coordinator and head yoga teacher here at the Sanctuary.

She has mastered the touch of Reiki and combined the science of Ayurvedic medicine and divine spiritual wisdom to develop group and one on one coaching programs. This is what she has to say about her approach to your wellness…

Coaching with Holly

As a society, we’re struggling with focus, creativity, anxiety, productivity and personal purpose.

We’re over scheduled, overwhelmed, overfed and under slept. We are deprived in almost every way.

This is generally speaking and maybe not all of these points apply to you right now… But through this was me and this is what I thought was normal because I saw everyone around me experiencing the same anxiety, the same busy-ness, tiredness, exhaustion, unhappiness…

And then I really started implementing Ayurveda into my life.

What is Ayurveda? 
Ayurveda is an ancient and sacred mind body medicine that was born in southern india and is the sister science to the more well know tradition of Yoga. I can see Ayurveda becoming just as mainstream as Yoga in the next 20 years. We are so lucky to have access to this wisdom today and I am so honoured to share it with you.

What does it actually mean? 
Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to ‘the science of life’. When I learnt that, my love affair with Ayurveda got even deeper.

Ayurveda looks at the individual in a way that truly blows my mind. The driving force behind Ayurveda is Mother Nature. Ayurveda understands that the individual is made of nature and more specifically the 5 elemental forces; Air, Space, Fire, Water and Earth. Every human on earth is a unique make up of these elements and through understanding your mind, your tendencies, your hair colour, shape of your face, the way you walk, the things you’re interested in, your natural talents and skills plus so much more I am able to see your elemental make up and therefore how to best guide you.

Have you noticed that some people can eat something and never experience discomfort while you’re sitting on the other side of the table struggling with the chilli or legumes?? This is not a mistake, this is nature.

Knowing your unique makeup I am able to refine a nutrition program, path and practice for you that will be revolutionary to your life.

When you truly understand what’s out of balance and what can bring you back to balance the healing that takes place happens very quickly.

Ayurveda is not a diet, it is not a practice of rigid rules, it is not a science that focuses only on physical health or gut health. It’s also not a modality where you can take a supplement or herbal tonic expect things to shift. Ayurveda goes deep into the subtle realm of who you are… It understands that you are not just a phycial body and that the food you eat and what you drink are not just the things that affect your body and your digestion.

How many times have you learnt about about this diet and that diet and yet you still don’t know what to eat in the morning. Sometimes I really feel like health is getting MORE confusing not clearer. We are in a crisis and we have a choice to keep going down the rabbit hole of confusion or to swim in the ocean of simplicity. Because the last thing we need when it comes to our health is stress. That bad boy is going to be more detrimental to what you’re actually putting in your mouth.

And this is why Ayurveda has survived centuries. It knows not to just simply address the physical symptoms with the correct food, herbs or medicine, it knows how to treat the mind and lifestyle.

It’s important to me that this works for you. That it doesn’t just become another thing you tried to do for your health.

We will work closely together for 8 weeks to create lifestyle and food habits that will nourish your whole self.

Ayurveda is the most ancient medicine known on the planet and we have access to it to better our health and life.

I have done Ayurvedic cleanses and read about that and they still feel empty and have completely missed the mark. When you work with me I will truly honour your entire being and won’t just try and get your physical self feeling or looking good.

I am trained in Divine Feminine Ayurveda which means there are no rigid rules. Divine Feminine knows that you are complex and beautiful. Divine Feminine knows that we need to strengthen our sixth sense to navigate life and realign with our divine purpose. This teaching knows that we don’t need to look to the latest trends, we don’t need to get caught up. We just need to look to nature and understand the earth, the wind, the space, the water and the fire and how these elemental forces intrinsically are related to us…

This is for those who are serious about impacting their life. We will go deep.

We will practice meditation, body yantra, yoga nidra as well as a creating effortless digestion, happiness and remembering our true love for life. You will sleep better, feel more in your body and your life. This practice is teaching you how to be better balanced so that when life throws a curve ball at you, and it will, you don’t lean so far of center. And when you do lean off center, you learn to let yourself, you learn to be with your emotions, your experiences and your reality.

And this is what I can bring to your life.


Holly x