Understanding yourself is the first step to loving yourself



Sensors are highly sensitive beings, they are wired to feel, see, hear and observe all that is around them and within them, analyse and react logically and accordingly.

Highly creative and intelligent when in balance Sensors have experienced focused development on their neurological system. Lighter boned and with less body mass Sensors are most comfortable in a warm environment that is soothing and calming to the senses.

They love to move their bodies in ways that also engage the mind.



Crusaders are on a mission! They feel such a sense of reward and achievement in aligning with their mission in all that they do, and they have the mental and physical stamina to back this.

When a Crusader is in flow they have the endurance to keep on keeping on. Rhythmic endurance based movement and exercise is perfect for the Crusader and is both soothing for body and mind as their developmental focus has been on both their musculoskeletal and neurological systems.



Activator’s are balls of energy! In body and mind the Activator is driven to act by instinct and muscle memory.

They are dynamic out of the box thinkers that enjoy and thrive on challenge being thrown their way. Activator’s love to, and need to, be able to move.

Their developmental focus has been solely on their musculoskeletal system. Movement to an Activator is intuitive and they delight in sports and exercise that allow them to move without too much thought and with an edge of danger and excitement. Activator’s thrive in a warm and dry climate with lots of wide open spaces to explore and be active in.



Connector’s crave connection above all things. Loyal and open hearted the Connector is driven to find their tribe.

They are happiest in fun social situations and are often the magnetic friend that can connect to others easily and help others to do connect to each other.

The connector is solar driven and is emotionally happiest in a sunny Mediterranean climate. With a strong focus on the development of their musculoskeletal and gut systems the connector is well suited to move and exercise often.

Exercise that is fun and above all social will enable the Connector to thrive and be their best.



Guardian’s are strong for their tribe and their main driver is to nurture and care for those that they love.

Guardians have incredible strength of both body and mind. Considered the strongest physically Guardian’s thrive when they are pushed to their limits physically.

Strong, slow, heavy weight bearing movement is so important for the Guardian. This enables their bodies to thrive and flourish but also helps them to move the sometimes heavy emotional burdens they need to carry for those they love and support.

With a focus on the development of the gut and digestive systems the Guardian has an amazing ability to store nutrients in the body and to restore and heal body tissues.

Impervious to the cold the Guardian loves the winter but does not cope well if exposed to heat for long periods of time.



Diplomats are the pleasure seekers. They are driven to draw out of life a contented happiness and crave the space and time to do this.

If this is well and truly something they are able to put into practice they are a force to be reckoned with.

Strong in mind and body the Diplomat has developmental focus on both the neurological, gut and digestive systems. Strong steady movements and exercise are most beneficial for the Diplomat.

They can solve any problem when given the time and space to think things through and they will often find the most efficient way of achieving their goals.

Diplomats are nature lovers and thrive best in areas that are moist or have access to bodies of water. Constant dry heat can cause chronic health issues for the Diplomat.