The Collective Past Events


Yogic Relationships

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Did you know male and female brains and body's are different at birth? There is a beautiful polarity in masculine and feminine energies that balance us. We will go into the fascinating and vastly different worlds of men and women.

Watch Ya Language

with Meg Linton

The words we speak become the house we live in. Our thoughts and our language create our reality. Meg will show you how the wiring of your brain is soft wiring and can be changed with conscious effort. A little tip, it all starts with kindness.

Understanding Your Body

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly

We are all unique and need different things to thrive. Learn how your genes and microbiome show up for you and what these varying differences mean for what is most important for you to feel healthy and energised.

Sustainability Ideas

with Bron Haines

We at the Sanctuary are working towards a zero footprint on this earth, this Collective we will explore what the future could look like if we simply embraced the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet and shifted them rapidly into the mainstream.

Feeling Good

with Meg Linton

If you have met Meg, you'll know how much of a feel good person she is. Join her as she explains what is involved in feeling good mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The New Movement

with Meg Linton

Our bodies give us many clues of how we are functioning, imbalances in our lifstyle show up as imbalances on a physical plane too. Meg will teach you the power of the feet and how this support flows upstream into the rest of the body.

Home Remedies

with Simone Hollier

Simone has a jam-packed sessions filled with natural remedies for you and the whole family to use to get back to full health. From colds, sinus, travel sickness, PMS and infections.


with Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Meditation has been my personal saviour for years. It helps us slow down and come back when we feel flighty or agitated. In this weeks Collective, we will practise simple meditation together. I will explain what a mystic meditation is compared to a reflective meditation and how breath work enhances your experience.

Body Yantra

with Holly Cootes

A Body Yantra is a meditative practice focusing on and absorbing in the scared geometry that are your very own bones.  There a plenty of meditations that focus on accessing the third eye and crown chakras, however this practice helps you get closer to your body and birth a deep, everlasting connections to who you are.

Personalised Health

with Bron Haines

How often do you see an eating plan or exercise regime work for someone, and you try it for yourself only to be disappointed with your results.. or lack of?? With sound science behind it, Bron will look at your unique gene structure and microbiome so she can guide you to what will work best for you.

Chakras and Energy Blocks

with Meg Linton

The Chakras, our energy centres, are a helpful guide to really understand what's going on underneath the skin. When energy becomes blocked in a chakra, it triggers physical  mental or emotional imbalances. Understanding each of these, we develop confidence in our bodies and minds and an awareness to acknowledge what what is going on.

Gut Health

with Simone Hollier

Your gut is a highly functioning machine. So intricate in all its moving parts that it makes sense we take care of this crucial element of our physical body. So in this Collective we are talking basic gut health on the basis that no two guts are the same and how you can work with yours best.

Five Elements

with Holly Cootes

The 5 elements are magical forces of nature that when combined together create this thing we call life. The 5 elements, water, fire, earth, air and space, all offer different qualities and experiences. When we understand how they work we can create lifestyle and self care practices to harness their unique energies. I like to think that the 5 elements are a beautiful love story gifted to us from the Universe.

Diggin Your Dark Side Three Part Series

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly

We always need different elements of the lessons shared at different stages of life. With lifetime access we have you covered throughout all the twists and turns in life.

As lame as it may sound, I reread my book every year. One to remind myself of who I am, what experiences I have had, and two because sometimes, like all of us, I forget who I want to be.

Reading my words reminds me of all the beauty in life and how clear my perspective can be... and also what happens when it is not.


with Melinda Carbis-Reilly

What I have learnt so far this year, is the power and importance of resilience. It is the one thing we can do to "control" our situiation. Life will always throw us curve balls. And each and every one of us will have a phase in our life where they are coming thick and fast... it feels as though the universe is challenging us significantly. When we develop resilience, we can remove ourselves from overwhelm, there is an acceptance of what is, and we drop the need to create stories from our exepriences. We can bounce back and keep honouring the journey we set upon... our life's lessons. This is what I would like to share with you in this Collective.

Yogic Lifestyle

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Most of us start yoga to stretch or unwind. And then we discover that “something extra” feeling when we are on our mat. 

For me, the best part of yoga isn’t on my mat. It is in my daily life. The way I nourish my body and view the world. That is what yoga is to me.
We will go into a yogic lifestyle in this weeks Collective. How to wake, live and sleep like a yogi.

At War With Our Bodies

with Meg Linton
You brush your teeth? You oil your car? You wash your hands? 
You tell others to look after themselves? You preach to your kids to be kind?
Isn't it time you put you first and your Body?
"If you don't (move) then one day you may not be able to" Ido Portal.
Your life stems from how well you treat your Body inside and out. Without the petrol the car won't go, without the oil things get rigid and stiff, without the kindness we become angry, reactive, stuck.
We need to become aware of how we are limiting ourselves so that we are able to become limitless.

The Stages of a Soul's Evolution

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly
As we begin a spiritual practise we go through certain stages. At first we are excited at what we have discovered. We think we will never go back to how we were. Our knowledge is limited but we are enthused to learn more.
In the second phase our knowledge starts to expand and we realise how much more we have to grow.
And the third phase hits and we are challenged. We doubt what we believe and the ego takes hold. It is the most challenging phase of our spiritual journey.
Melinda will talk about these three phases and what happens next in this weeks Collective.

Body Types

with Bron Haines
Every single one of us is unique... and what makes us unique is truly remarkable. Is it our genes? Our environment? Or something far greater? This weeks Collective explores the essence of who you are and how to honour that each day.

The New Movement 2: The Spine

with Meg Linton

A deep dive into our spine and the chakra system. From the base to the crown of our head, join Meg to discover how we can help balance our body by understanding the signals from our Somatic Body. A real and raw look into how we can heal ourselves from the inside out.

My Cure for Feeling Frazzled

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly
We can sometimes get our knickers in a knot over, nothing really. And I believe the best cure for this... is putting in place structure. Along with my OCD is its sister.. organisation. I organise and structure everything. And although my methods may be OTT for some, I am sure there are plenty of little tricks you can use in your life to create more space and time for the things you love.
In this Collective I will share ways to simplify your work day, how to prioritise effectively and release procrastination. 

Speaking to your Guides

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly
Last week, we got all practical. This week we are going woo woo. I want to share with you how to open up to the guidance of the metaphysical world (the realm beyond human senses). I have had some pretty trippy experiences that I look forward to sharing and guiding you to open yourself up to a plethora of wisdom waiting for you, all you have to do is ask.

Creating Daily Ritual

with Holly Cootes

Learning to move and live with the rhythms of nature helps us to stay connected to who we are. Essentially at our core we are the essence of life itself, of mother nature. We must connect back to her to live a life of abundance. She teaches us the wisdom of her cyclic nature. The best way to connect to her rhytms is through our own daily ritual. This week we are chatting about Dinacharya and Ayurvedic practice of daily routine.

How to Listen to your Body

with Meg Linton
Have you ever been told 'learn to listen to your body'? If you are like me and had no idea what this meant, then this hour is for you. Years of conditioning has us believing that we need to follow plans, diets, eat a certain number of calories,thrash our bodies, look a certain way and... you guessed it, strive for results. In this hour we will learn less is more. Flow state is not achieved... it is a practice. Wehen we are quiet... we are able to hear. Tune in this week to see what it is your body has been trying to tell you for years.

Patanjali's Sutras

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly
Knowledge serves the function of awakening and even redeeming. Through clarity, intuition and understanding we can transcend suffering and stop the unconscious actions that create problems. This week we are talking about the eight limbs of yoga and the crux of yogic philosophy.

Health By Design

with Bron Haines

How often do you see an eating plan or exercise regime work for someone, and you try it for yourself only to be disappointed with your results.. or lack of?? With sound science behind it, Bron will look at your unique gene structure and microbiome so she can guide you to what will work best for you. Bron is so proud to offer this service to you, and we are so excited to see where Personalised Health takes you.

Ayurveda- debunking the myths and answering your questions

with Holly Cootes
Let's exlpore the essence of Ayurveda, the most ancient medical system on the planet. The ancients understood the many aspects of human life. Ayurveda is not just a science on how to treat your physical body, but how to thrive in all of your body's. This eveing we're going to explore the Koshas so we can fully grasp the potency of Ayurveda and debunk the modern myths and I'm going to leave time to answer your burning questions!

Stress and How It Looks On You

with Meg Linton
Can't shake that excess body fat? Bloated? Poor Skin? Dry and Brittle hair? Can't Sleep? Overactive mind? Frustrated? Sick? Pain? Anxiety? We are going to expand into how our liver, gut and nervous system play a fundamental role in our bodies reaction to stress. Buckle in and get ready to be honest with yourself as we take a good look at stress in the western world and how it affects us all on a somatic level.

Understanding Your Mind

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly

When we understand the three minds and the purpose of our mind, it allows us to control its patterns and behaviours to work for us, not against us. The mind is our most powerful phyiscal asset, but it can be the most destructive, if we do not understand our relationship to it.


with Melinda Carbis-Reilly
We will spend a significant amount of time in this Collective in deep meditation, I want you to experience this state of being, not tell you about it. This will be the most relaxing Collective yet 🙂

Yogic Relationships Revisited

with Melinda Carbis-Reilly

This topic was a huge hit at the start of the year, so lets finish with it to wrap up 2020's line up. We will go deeper into the nature of relationship and how to have compassion and understanding in the times you want to scream and yell.

The Collective has been a FREE initiative at The Sanctuary since we opened.

But in 2020, we have ramped it up from monthly to weekly. We have changed it from a causal gathering with meditation to an informative and diverse educational session in all things health for you, your family and our planet.

We go live on FaceBook each week for those who can't make it in to The Sanctuary so you don't have to miss out on the conversation.

And if you are discovering this after, we have you covered too. All recordings are kept on our FaceBook page for you to watch at any time as many times as you need.

The links to each video are shared here for easy reference.

We are here to change the world, one community at a time. And this is one way we can gift our world with high vibe information to be happy, healthy and holy.

We hope you find the teams knowledge base useful in your every day life.

We hope to see you at a Collective real soon. until then, enjoy the videos on this page.

Big love,

Melinda xo

Our Team

Bronwyn Haines

Bron Haines

Bron is our Therapist Coordinator at the Sanctuary.
From Bron, "I love that I can truly care for people and empower them to connect to the deepest part of themselves to bring about healing and balance emotionally, physically and spiritually".

Holly Cootes

Holly Cootes

A beautiful, gentle soul, Holly’s love for true connection is inspirational. With extensive experience as a yoga instructor and a practicing reiki and ayurvedic coach, she is able to support others to find connection to themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Simone Hollier

Naturopath to Naturopaths. Simone’s knowledge of all things health and wellness are next to none. She has passion for her work and is inspired to help others feel the best they possibly can using the gifts that nature has given us to support healing and well-being.

Meg Linton

The movement guru. Meg’s extensive knowledge on the body and how it needs to move to flourish on all levels is extensive. Her fun energy and zest for life are infectious and her philosophies on living life beautifully and to its fullest are inspiring.

Brianna Kennedy

I’m SUPER passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle. I want to help you become the best version of YOU. I am here to help you feel the most comfortable and confident in your own skin, teach you about your body and all the amazing benefits of exercise as well as help you with your diet and nutrition.

Melinda Carbis-Reilly

All facets of health and happiness inspire me. For the past twenty years I have invested into understanding the human experience and how to help people see the best in themselves. In my weeks for the Collective I will dive into the topics I feel most passionate about sharing.

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