Gut Health Series

three days of a naturopath's insight into health

with Simone Hollier


Basic Gut Function

In your first lesson, Simone shares some gut basics with you.

You will have an understanding of why the gut is referred to as the second brain and what hormones are produced here.

Want to understand digestion and nutrient absorption? And how this impacts all aspects of our overall health? This is covered in your first session too.

And then go into what impedes goods gut function and what improves digestive enzyme production.

Do you keep hearing words. like leaky gut and microbiome and don't fully understand what that means for your health? Simone has a knack for breaking this down into digestible (pun intended) pieces for you to understand and use this knowledge when making choices for yourself.

Gut Brain Axis

In our second session, we talk about the communication system that links our brain and gut. Namely, your gut brain axis (GBA)

Trouble with your mood, energy and sleep may be due to a dysfunction in your GBA. Simone will explain what causes this and more importantly simple strategies you can use to strengthen your gut-brain connection.

Today's session is interesting and practical. You will understand why it is so important to feed and nourish your good bacteria and keep the not so nice ones at lower numbers.


Stress and Our Digestive System

There are so many simple things you can do to reduce stress and improve your digestive system.

Learn what your nervous system has to do with breaking down your foods.

In this session you will understand how stress impacts your digestion and your weight management. There is a chain of events that occur from the stress response that change your body's need for, and ability to breakdown sugars.

This lesson wraps up your insight into the gut and how to feel zesty and energised by nurturing the most important process in your body.


Simone Hollier

Naturopath and health leader, Simone's calm nature and strategic approach gives her clients peace of mind their health is in the right hands.

Simone is raising three children and has two adult children creating families of their own.. ah yes, she has five children. As a Mum to this herd she understands the diversity and creativity required to keep a family thriving and healthy.

I trust Simone with my health, and certainly believe her ability to research and dive deeply into the science of pathophysiology means she has the right mind and heart to help you get your health on track too.


What is a Naturopath?

A naturopath looks at the body as a whole. No one system stands alone. In this free three part series Simone uncovers how the gut connects to the brain.

The brain is the control centre for the body. Chemical balances inside the body are impacted by the guts function and stress can impede the guts ability to absorb nutrients effectively and will cause disruption to your blood sugar levels.

The body is complex and yet so simple.

We want you to finish this series with an understanding of your body and what simple things you can do to improve your health.

I help you take responsibility for your health.

Prevention is always better than cure.

So many of us wait until we have two or three auto immune conditions before we make the lifestyle changes needed to keep our body thriving and energised.

Don’t fall into the trap “Its in my genes” We have the power to override them by the choices we make.

When we begin to see food as a source of fuel, we realise it doesn’t fill a hole, an emotional void we are trying to mask; it serves a purpose to nourish our body. Healthy food choices and creating a lifestyle that suits your needs are my main priority.