The Collective

The Collective was created to bring people together from all walks of life who share one common interest, to be apart of the solution through the power of meditation.

We hope that our collective energy and positivity created through meditation is then transferred into that environment. This is called the Maharishi effect, a scientifically formulated meditation practise that has shown to improve the levels of peace and happiness in the world.

At each session, we will put on a talk, video or documentary about meditation, mindfulness & positive thinking, enjoy each others company in the casual setting before finishing with a profound and life transformational meditation practise.

The Collective is a free event provided for our community and the broader collectiveness of people.


Date:  2nd Wednesday of every month (excluding December & January)

Host: Melinda

Time: 6:30pm

Where: 29 Kalaroo Road, Redhead

Cost: FREE

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