Move Mind Breath

Session 1

Awareness, Balance & Concentration – Yamas

Ahimsa (Non Violence)

Satya (Truth)

Asteya (Non- Stealing)

Bramacharya (Self Control)

Aparigraha (non-attachment)

Tools on How to Concentrate


Session 2

Self Care – Niyamas

Saucha (Self Cleanliness)

Santosha (Contemptment)

Tapas (Discipline and Dealing with Distraction) Svadhaya (Self Study and Time alone)

IshVara Pranidhana (Self Surrender)


Session 3

Asana – Movement and Flow

Movement session focusing on Yoga, body movements fun and flow.

Teaching others to be self aware and to have no comparison or judgement on self or others. Sharing a practice of effort and ease (Sthira and Sukkha) Learning how

to take patience on our mats into our external world.


Session 4

Pranayama BREATH

Digital Dementia, Device Distraction and Lack of Concentration.

Tools on how to stay focused & aware of the task at hand. Less is more.

Tips to help us have less screen time and more people time. Putting back focus into our own lives rather than others.


Session 5

Pratyhara – Withdrawl from Senses.

A blindfolded practice to bring awareness back to the body and mind taking the focus out comparison and competition. A fun, playful practice allowing you to connect with yourself.


Session 6

Dharana – Concentration

Tools and tips to help us learn how to concentrate. We are taught how to do everything else in life. We are told to concentrate but have never been taught how. This will help you minimilise, look out for energy vampires and see how you are spending your time.


Session 7

Dhyana – Setting an Intention

How to take three steps to make things happen. Using the mind as a powerful tool to help you bring your thoughts to reality. Three simple steps that you can apply to your life to help bring abundance and joy to your life.

We have the ability to shift our mindset right this moment


Session 8

Samadhi – Bliss

Meditation and the ability to be present. We don’t want to be Mindful – we

already are, can we help clear the mind and create space simply by becoming aware, noticing the feelings and thoughts and choosing a different reaction to get a better response.

Starts on:  6 February 2019 (Every 1st week of the month until November)
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Host: Meg
Price: $169 for all sessions or $20 per session
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