Ministry of Men

Guy Talk

Men can often find themselves caught up in their own ‘stress bubble’. Feeling pressured to provide, go that extra mile, keep up at work and stay on top of everything. This workshop is designed to help men take a step back and rediscover what life is truly about. Guys, this will help you to reconnect with your family and learn to love and live in the present moment!

Who it is For

This one is for the men. Join Glen as he explores ways to ensure you are getting your priorities in check and allowing yourself time to just be a lad, having freedom and the life you want for yourself without the guilt.

What  you will Learn

Guys book yourself in for a life changing experience with Glen. Glen will teach your the power of staying connected to your true values, lose the attachment to your titles and how to be a more loving and connected partner and father.

Date: 2nd of June 2019
Host: Glen
Time: 11am -1pm
Cost: $45
Early Bird Rate (2 weeks before promo): $35 enter code ‘MOM19’ at checkout