Mad Monkey

Ever feel like your mind has, well… a mind of its own?

Creating thought after thought? One minute you are thinking about hanging the washing out and next minute it has taken you down several rabbit holes and you find yourself pondering what Chris Hemsworth would smell like? How the hell did you get there?? It’s not a bad reflection to have but the process the mind takes, swiftly jumping  from thought to thought without any sense is exhausting and can send us mad.

This was very true for me…

I had a tendency to let my mind run the show. I labelled it my mad monkey because it felt like it was chirping away relentlessly and giving me thoughts that were self critical and crazy. I was becoming depressed and anxious from the constant flow of thoughts.

Through this struggle I learnt a life changing lesson;

I had the ability to control this wild animal.


Once I learnt the simple tools I share with you in this workshop, I gained control of my thoughts. I learnt how to see through the white noise and bring awareness to the present. Life became calm and peaceful.

The mind is a powerful tool, once we learn how to use it. I want to share this with you.

Who can benefit from this workshop?

  • Anyone who has a mind

Date: 3 May 2019

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Host: Melinda

Cost: $45

Early Bird Rate : $35 use code MM19 at checkout

(Must book 2 weeks before)

If you cant find us contact 02 4942 6365 for directions.