Hormone Rescue with Melinda

This years ‘Hormone Rescue’ workshop with Melinda has all new content created just for you, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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What are hormones?

The word hormone means to ‘set in motion’ and that’s exactly what they do.

Your hormones are tiny molecules that are transported around your body and act as a blueprint to regulate your physiology and behaviour. And, I think we can all relate to feeling not ourselves, having mood swings and our energy fluctuating, right? Thank you hormones 😉

These special chemical messengers…

aka your hormones, control most bodily functions from simple things like hunger to the more complex systems of your beautiful human body such as reproduction and of course your mood & emotions.

When your hormones are in perfect harmony they help you to thrive, but even the smallest imbalance within your hormones can cause major issues to your health and vitality.

2019 is epic… We will still cover your hormone fluctuations and how best to exercise and eat accordingly but we will go way DEEPER than ever before.

Melinda will uncover:

– Why you may be feeling sluggish or struggling to lose weight

– How hormonal tweaks can improve your overall health

– Why sugar cravings and your stress response are intertwined

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We are pumped for you.

Melinda is pumped to go further than before into the connection between health and these crazy little critters called HORMONES!

When Wednesday 20th February, 6:30 – 7:30pm 2020

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$18 Non members

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Meet Melinda,
founder of Redhead Wellness Sanctuary


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