Heal Your Heart

Past trauma has a huge impact on how we live our lives today, from simple misconceptions about words spoken to you as a child to troubling abuse, they all have a part to play in how we view the world and the beliefs we create in our lives many years on.

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Heal your heart workshop is designed to help you let go of the pain and rewrite your story to enable you to have more loving and deeper relationships, a stronger sense of who you are and freedom from old wounds. Join Melinda as she shares the tools that helped her release the hurt of losing her son and to rewrite the story she unintentionally created around men from her traumatic experiences as a teenager.

Heal your heart is for everybody…

We all have an inner child that needs to be nourished, no matter how blessed your upbringing.

Date: 1 March 2020
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Host: Melinda
Price: $45

Heart Chakra